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Games I Beat in 2012

Even the end of the world can't stop this list.

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  • The second of many PS3 games I'm trying to catch up on this year. What a great video game, had to regularly catch my breath. A major step up from the first game, and the first game was great. I think the story lost a tiny bit of steam toward the very end but overall it was incredibly impressive.

  • All right, after playing all three of these back to back, I can safely say that 3 is easily the best of the series. I understand it probably didn't make quite the same impact the second did when it was first released, but 3 is just so stellar start to finish that, for me, it more than tops Among Thieves. Incredible in every way.

  • Free on PlayStation Plus this month, so why not? It's pretty fun. Telltale obviously loves the films and knows them inside and out. The story is enjoyable, too. I'm looking forward to the other four episodes.

  • Another fun episode. I'll be happy to eventually get out of 1931, I'd like to see some new settings if possible, but Citizen Brown sounds pretty interesting.

  • Felt shorter than the other two, for some reason, but this might be my favorite episode so far. I loved the alternate 1986 and I'm glad I get to spend more time there in the next one.

  • Hey, so I finally played a God of War game! And, yeah, it was really great! Who knew!

  • Probably my least favorite of the episodes so far, but it was still enjoyable. Definitely ready for this to end, both because I want to see how they wrap this up and because I think I've had my fill of adventure games for a while already.

  • As a whole, I thought the game was very enjoyable and I liked the story a lot. Back to the Future as an adventure game is just a really great idea I had never considered. The last episode felt longer than the rest, but wasn't as engaging as the first few. But I loved the ending and had a lot of fun playing these.

  • Another nice arcade port. I'd really like to see even more of these. Game Room was such wasted potential. It's great to see it done right once or twice a year, at least.

  • Okay, I finally went ahead and finished the main quest. I'll probably take a break from it for a bit before haha yeah right.

  • Fuck yes, finally beat Quest Mode. PopCap makes video game heroin, of course, but I didn't buy this until it was on sale on Steam and holy god, this game is just incredible. Every little tiny bit of this game is so polished and perfect, it's just astounding.

  • Did it in one sitting (like you're supposed to) and then immediately did it again. Overwhelmingly good, one of the best video games I've ever played, easily.

  • Eh, it was pretty good. Some great stuff, some dumb stuff, whatever. I like the fiction, I like the universe, and a lot of that was really good. As a video game, it's just okay. The ending was fine, whatever. Best part of the game, though? The multiplayer, surprisingly. Really, really fun.

  • Hey, all right, now I can play God of War III! Yeah, I just really like these games. This was fun. I can't really say which one I liked better. They're sort of a blur. But, yeah, brutally murdering gods. Great!

  • Okay, so, Contra. One of my favorite games. But on the NES. I finally played the old ass Xbox 360 port of the arcade version and yeah, it's garbage. The port itself is garbage, that version of the game is super short and easy and garbage, so this is just all around garbage and made me sad and I'm not even sure why I'm including it here, but whatever. Garbage!

  • It's hardly worth counting since I run through it at least once a year, but, yep this game is the best thing in the universe.

  • I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. I want to marry this game. Never stopped being incredibly fun. I loved the first game but this was a MAJOR improvement in every way. It looks like garbage, of course (your game would, too, with that much going on at any given moment), but it's brilliantly designed and paced. <3 BFF HUGS


  • Yay, I finally did it and yeah well I don't really remember anything that happened but it was fun. Maybe not as good as one of the earlier ones but those are a blur, too. A blur of orange and arrrrgh uhhhhh hup hup haaaaaa ATHENA MY VENGEANCE

  • I wasn't actually all that interested in this, but illness and intense boredom led to an impulse buy, and yeah, it's pretty fun! I'm still searching for all of the cubes in New Game+. After all the talk on the Bombcast, I didn't find it quite as mind-altering and obsession-inducing as maybe Patrick or Jeff did, but it's neat and very well designed.

  • I enjoyed it, I was actually pretty involved in the story, but it certainly... ended, didn't it, though? Just stopped. Had some great stuff going on, but it's not really the kind of game I want to play again. Maybe it's not actually *fun*? I don't know. It's okay.

  • So, this was like $5 on Xbox Live and it was totally worth $5! Not a great game or anything, but it was a lot of fun and an easy S-rank. Worth blazing through in an evening or two, but I'd probably be pretty bummed if I had paid $60 a couple years ago.

  • Never played the first one, but this was really great! Like, super good!


  • What a great video game. Just start to finish. As much as I adore Saints Row the Third, this might be the best open world game I've ever played.

  • Hey, so I finally played this and it was okay! My first Diablo game (my only other experience with the genre has been Torchlight), but it was fun to play in fits and spurts over the past month or so.

  • Great stealth game. My first playthrough was a no kill/no alarms run and it was just a great deal of fun. So many possibilities in each scenario. The story really does end pretty abruptly, and overall it felt too short, even going the slowest way possible. But that's about my only real complaint. Playing through a second time killing everything in sight, and it's an incredibly different game, which is a credit to the design.

    Update: Been through it three times now, S-ranked. Love it dearly.

  • Yep, this turned out great all around. Twice through, once on Legendary.

  • Very surprised by this. Had little interest in it when it was first announced, but the decision/consequence system was inspired and quite progressive, especially for a Call of Duty game. Also, it seemed less reliant on every second being a showstopping set piece and more focused on story, which was nice. Liked quite a lot about it, had a good time.

  • What an interesting game and great story. Went a lot of places I wasn't expecting, did the whole delusion/hallucination/what is real? thing extremely well, which is tough. Loved it.

  • Wow. Definitely a major contender for my Best of 2012 list. Just incredible. UPDATE: Finished New Game +. Still incredible.

  • So much of this game is great, but so much is really terrible, too. Such a waste of a story, really awful ending(s), all sorts of wasted potential. Luckily, running around and hunting and climbing towers is really fun. It's too bad so much of this game is garbage, though. Would be incredibly disappointed if the game surrounding the game wasn't as fun as it is.

  • What a great game! Just a great, great game! Just my SPEED, get it? Speed.

  • Listen, I get why everyone loves this. And I like Telltale's adventure games. But while it definitely had some great moments, and it's definitely a story that can really only be told in video games, the whole thing never came together for me. Maybe I can blame the second episode, which I straight up disliked and thought was really stupid. But so many of the twists and turns were easy to see coming, a lot of it just felt forced and dark for the sake of being dark, and so few of the characters ever talked or acted believably. And, at the end of the day, I do play games to have fun. And I literally didn't have a single second of fun the entire time I played it. So, some good, mostly kinda bad, overall pretty disappointing.