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After spending 50+ hours in This War of Mine and making it to the ceasefire twice with no casualties on my side (and everyone gett...

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Game of The Year 2015

In order, from my favorite to least, the ten games I fell in love with this year.

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  • I hope Toby Fox becomes super-rich because of this game. I am actively buying more of this just to give to my friends.

  • What happens when From Software goes full gothic adventure.

  • Lame story but the gameplay more than makes up for it. Thanks Kojima.

  • Nintendo proves that yes, they can make a new IP AND a cute multiplayer shooter.

  • Buggy as butts, but once I finished making adjustments I ended up spending 100+ hours building villages.

  • A David Cage game better than anything David Cage actually made.

  • Not as slick as EA's Sim City reboot when it comes to presentation, but boy does it kick its ass in every other aspect.

  • aka 'Party-starter DX'

  • A roguelike horror game that hooked me for dozens of ours. It's not often you find a good game set in rural, contemporary England that's been transformed into a large-scale version of Silent Hill.

  • The first game was better, but this one's still a lot of fun. Carpenter Brut's addition to the soundtrack is a huge bonus.