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Went to Mystery Vortex IV against my better judgement. I was originally not going to go because I'm trying to be more frugal with my finances but then I thought of the sage wisdom of Jessie Caravella, "We should spend money on experiences, not on stuff." A great show as one would expect. I'd be hard pressed to decide between this and THIRTEEN as my favorite PWG one-shot this year. SPOILERS for PWG'S Mystery Vortex IV:

Trent? vs Candice Lerae. Lol. This match went about how you'd expect for the most part. Trent? went back and forth between trying hard not to fuck up Candice and very blatantly needing to fuck her up because she just won't stay down. While he's far from my favorite wrestler character watching Trent? take these nutso looking bumps is always so much fun for me. Watching him sell for a tiny woman is extra hilarious.

Trevor Lee vs ACH. Trevor Lee is great as usual. This match sort of started a trend for the rest of the night where portions of the crowd would mimic a particularly humorous sounding grunt from a wrestler. So one of Trevor's more protracted grunts culminated into one of the biggest pops I've ever heard him get in Reseda. He also got a bunch of "delete!" chants several times and it's hard to say whether that's making him a face or heel since the Matt Hardy stuff is getting extra weird. It's been a while since I'd seen ACH. He goes maybe a tad too fast at times but he's still an amazing wrestler. I don't exactly know what his beef with Meltzer is but after the match he hushed the crowd to directly address Meltz over some sort of error in his reporting. Later I saw them act pretty friendly to each other during intermission so maybe he was just keyfabin for the crowd.

Matt Sydal vs Pete Dunne. I feel like Matt Sydal is stuck in a trend of being the weakest match on the card in PWG. Even saying that I thought this match was pretty good in execution. There was very much a focus on technical holds with some brawling, biting, and a bit of high flying thrown in for good measure. It just seemed like the crowd response was somewhat muted at this point in the night. Sydal was announced as "Reborn, Released" and throughout the match portions of the audience kept audibly making allusions to weed. I'll admit that stuff was so stupid that it made me laugh but also it felt like it was detracting from a match that was probably a lot better than we realized at the time. Sydal seemed to take it all in stride which makes him much more likeable to me. Pete Dunne is also a really good talent and while he may not be addicted to weed, he may have an addiction to biting fingers.

Red Dragon vs Death by Elbow. Talk about a surprise for Mystery Vortex. Tag team wrestling being brought back in a big way to finish off the year. This was a hard one to get into for me because Chris Hero and Kyle O'Reilly were clearly the most over guys in the match leaving Fish and Dunn without much heat despite both being solid dudes in the ring. Essentially this means that only Hero and Kyle were the only guys actually getting a hot tag. Not much else to say about the match other than it befitting the high quality that PWG brings with this division.

Afterwards Chris Hero got on mic to massively put over the other guys who were in the match. Then he addresses the elephant in the room, and in fact used the phrasing of "elephant" to describe himself. I love this man. He basically said he wanted to get medically cleared first and made no bones about the fact that he was not sure about what he'll do after that with regards to his career. It would be a shame for me if I couldn't keep watching this man put on some of the best wrestling matches I've ever seen live at PWG but it sounds like he's really not sure at the moment.

Chuck Taylor vs Adam Cole. This was announced to be a number one contender match which turned up the buzz in the room big time. Adam Cole was announced by Excalibur as being 1000+lbs., causing Cole to encroach upon the commentary booth shaped like a table with Chuckie T following him shortly after to start the fight on the stage. I'll make one thing clear, almost no one in the audience was counting for Cole's false finishes. Anyone who has been following this Golberg-esque streak knows where this match was going to go, but even after the pinfall was achieved the crowd exploded for Chuck Taylor's win. It's an exciting time to be a PWG fan.

Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb vs The Young Bucks. Non-Title match. When Riddle came out then Cobb came out, I as well as most of the crowd thought we we're going to get some awesome singles match. Then The Bucks music hit and I knew things were about to get crazy. It was almost hard to get into since it's the best tag team on planet earth against a team with Jeff Cobb my homeland hero so I wasn't sure who I could cheer for. What can I say about this match other than it was yet another awesome, amazing, and hilarious tag match in PWG. It wasn't perfect, there was some flub with the Bucks needing to team lift Jeff Cobb for a powerbomb that only sort of worked out and some of Riddle's strikes didn't land in a convincing way from where I sat but this was a great match with a result you wouldn't see coming. Young Bucks losing a non-title match puts a really interesting wrinkle in the tag division.

PWG World Title Match: Zack Sabre Jr.(Champion) vs Marty Scrull. Main event time. This was announced as having a 60 minute time limit and it probably went on for about 30-40. I remember the match they had at BOLA 2015 being exceptionally long but I also remember it being super good so I was pumped for this match going in and it delivered for me. If nothing else this would have been the most apropos time to start a "fight forever" chant because these two guys seem like they were made for each other the way they kept me engaged for pretty much the entire match. I feel like I could watch these guys go at it for hours and not be bored. For as much as I've cooled on ZSJ he is still really fun to watch even though I think he could sell certain moves a bit better. Seemed like Marty was getting way more crowd support but honestly it just felt like one of those PWG things where both guys are almost TOO over that it's hard to decide who to cheer for. And Marty, as you'd expect pulled off some villainous shit especially near the end, but it didn't do much to affect his standing with the Reseda audience who love him. Zack actually does retain with some crazy looking submission hold. Afterwards since Chuck Taylor had been on commentary the crowd totally chanted for him so he and Sabre shook hands in the ring for the end of the event. I guess since we've already seen Scrull/Taylor, Sabre is a more interesting choice to see if anyone can stop Chuck Taylor's streak.

I've yet to get around to TND but I plan to once I'm not as drained as I am right now.

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I know I can't convince everyone to love Lucha Underground the way I do. All I know is that I have a big smile on my face for pretty much the entire run time.

Worldwide Underground is hands down the best faction in wrestling. The look of heartbreak on Jack Evans' face at the possibility of losing his sweet bandana is priceless. My favorite thing about them, other than the fact that they are the biggest dorks ever, is that they actually have an impact on the storylines of this show. I would've rather had Son of Havoc get in the next round of Battle of the Bulls but this is still good because it feels like it's setting up Jack vs Angelico to recreate the magic they made in last year's BOLA.

Edit: Also thank the Aztec Gods that Jack Evans did not die. Must have been a rough night for him after that.

If the UK Championship is being booked by Triple H then I'll be excited. In any case I for one don't like how this marginalizes the UK talent. Good on those guys for getting some extra exposure but one thing that bugs me about this company is how they still insist on calling their top belt(s) "World" titles when it's almost always American white dudes in contention for it. KO is the exception because he's, exceptional. What's even more insane is how this promotion has nearly doubled the amount of title belts it has in less than a year. I just don't get it.

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I can think of four shows that I can lock for my personal list. Having a hard time with a fifth because all the shows I've watched that are contesting for it I think are just okay or decent. I might have to give that slot to Gintama by default since apparently episodes were aired this year. Contrary to years prior I feel like I made it to the end of 2016 without watching a really great romcom, unless you count Yuri on Ice as a gay as hell romcom... that might have to be my fifth slot at this point.

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Well then maybe Hero's being brought in for the global HeavyWeightClassic. Then at the end of the tournament they'll introduce the Heavyweight championship belt and they'll have a whole Heavyweight division on TV. Nah, that would never work...

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I'm not sure if I buy the reports of Chris Hero going back to WWE. I mean he's put on some of the best matches I've ever seen live for like the past 2 years straight. I just honestly don't know what the overall backstage feeling on him is. And will this be another case of letting him keep his Indie identity like almost everyone else they've been bringing in and ignoring his last run through NXT? I'd rather have Chris Hero on Lucha Underground where he'd literally elbow people to death in backstage cut scenes. Anyone who still has issues with Chris Hero's weight need to remember one thing:


I would say there are more matches in Wrestle Kingdom that I am looking forward to than ones I'm not. For as dissatisfied as I've been with the state of tag teams in New Japan I must say I'm impressed that they got to this point without just doing yet another 4 way match for the junior tag titles. What's more I think these are the right two teams at the moment and they were built up decently in a division that is clearly an afterthought to the promoters.

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I'm only really salty about one category winner from last night but I'll be sure to vent my frustration once that stuff comes to light. I don't know, I had a good time all things told. I'm just not use to splitting my attention between wrestling and deliberating.

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Oh neat, I wasn't expecting my thread to get a mention. Appreciate the recognition Mr. -pie. Keep up the good work.

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@fisk0: Nuclear Throne was broken for like 9 months straight before being patched once on consoles so I'd be willing to count that. For as irritated as I have been with Vlambeer's lack of support I have to say that is a great video game that I poured A LOT of time into in 2016 (even before it got patched).

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More than any year prior 2016 was probably my favorite time to be playing games that are kind of like Rogue but not quite. I realize these kinds of games have been coming out fairly regularly but there hasn't been quite the glut of positive experiences for me as there was this year. I'd like to keep it to titles that were released this year but I'd also like to include console versions of games that came out this year as well.

Number one with a bullet for me is Invisible Inc.: Console Edition. I was as skeptical as anyone over the impassioned plea of Austin Walker to get the game on the site top ten list but having played it this year I can say that it has become one of my favorite video games ever. Not a perfect version of it but I became obsessed with playing it for several months on end, had a ton of fun, and could gladly pick it up and play it any time.

Enter The Gungeon was probably the game with a styyyyyle I liked the most. No surprise that Devolver knows how to make a stylish video game. I managed to get every trophy save for Lead God (the hardest one) and the only reason I didn't continue pursuing it was because of all the awesome games to play this year.

Again a surprising number of great games in this vein seem to have seen a release in 2016. Darkest Dungeon is another one with a great sense of styyyyyle. Nuclear Throne got a finished version finally brought to consoles this year. And Let it Die for as suspect as the Free-2-play model can be, seems like a decent entry in this sub-genre. A part of me wanted to make a poll for this thread but I wanted to hear from others and see if there are any of these kinds of games that I'm forgetting.

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@yesiamaduck: Because it was the next track on the album? Also I might have been on drugs.