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Siren vs Me. Siren wins.

After itching to play this game all day, thanks to last nights great first impression, I waited until it was pitch-black outside, turned all of the lights off and cranked up the volume. Even while the game was loading up, I was nervous. Knowing (or rather, not knowing) the horrors that awaited me. I loaded Episode 3, watched the trailer about what had happened in previous episodes, and then began to play. The next paragraph contains spoilers, for those who don't want some scares revealed to them.

I was cast into the shoes of a young girl. She was around 12 years of age, and the daughter of other playable characters who were nowhere to be seen. She was in a dark, dank and dreary room. A room in the depths of a hospital. The sound of a Shibito muttering to herself can be heard close by. Immediately I panicked, and hid under the rusty hospital bed. The sounds of the Shibito continued. A couple of minutes later, I figured the Shibito wasn't coming in to this room, so I crawled back out, into the open. I pressed up against the door. Bella's (the name of this girl) heartbeat grew louder, and quickened in pace. Anxiously, I opened the door.

Bella and a Shibito
Bella and a Shibito

I arrived into a dark and cold hallway. A shadow cast by the mumbling Shibito lies on the wall at the end of the hallway. Naturally, I proceeded in the opposite direction. There was a set of stairs at the other end of the hallway. I knew I needed to go downstairs to escape the hospital, but I really wanted to get as far away from this creature as possible. I creeped up the stairs until I met a door. It was locked. Reluctantly, I turned around and headed towards the Shibito. After what seemed like an eternity, I was right next to this creatures shadow on the wall. I could see the Shibito's face in the shadow, it was pointed in my direction. I couldn't risk turning the corner and have it see me. There was a door next to me, also leaded towards the Shibito. I could flank it, I thought. Never taking my eyes off of the creature's shadow, I quietly opened the door.

About three feet to my right was the Shibito, with nothing seperating Bella and her. The Shibito hadn't seen me. I crept around it, gritting my teeth as I did. On the other side of the creature, I saw an elevator. I quietly tiptoed to it, and called the elevater towards me. Another eternity passed before it actually arrived. Holding my breath, the doors slowly opened. What did I see?



Well, it wasn't exactly that, but close enough. I then proceeded to huddle into a corner and turn the game off. No game has made me do that before, and I've played Fatal Frame. I've decided I will now ONLY play this game when it's light. I will start this part again tomorrow. If I don't post back sometime tomorrow afternoon, expect the worst. Don't come looking for me.