An important thank you...

Hi Giant Bomb,

I'm not one for writing blogs. However, over the past week I've used Giant Bomb in a different way and wanted to express gratitude toward this site. I'll be honest, I don't post too often, besides the yearly Santa Hat post that I try to create. I've been using Giant Bomb since the year I graduated college back in 2009. I love it. It's my go to place for pretty much anything gaming related. I've listened to countless podcasts, watched hours of quick looks, and engaged in tons of premium content.

Anyway, I wanted to offer a sincere thank you to this site over the past week. A week ago my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter who sadly passed away hours later. The past week has been a living nightmare to say the least. We've been trying to keep busy as best we can, but obviously there is always going to be downtime. Giant Bomb has helped in a tremendous way when dealing with that downtime. It's been great to rely on this website over the past week in order to keep my thoughts at bay. I will openly admit that after my wife fell asleep in the hospital, I actually put a Bombcast on just to focus on something so that I didn't break down anymore than I already had.

I don't know what else really to say, but it felt right to say thank you to any of the Giant Bomb staff who might read this, or simply to any members whose forum topics/posts I've read to keep busy.

...and if you do have a child of your own, please hug them tight. Losing your own is the worst feeling I've ever experienced.