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I played the shit out of these, mostly out of spite

Occaisionally I'll come across a game that is so mundane that I take it to be an affront to my existence. There isn't any awful on the level of that Big Rigs game, or great like OoT in it, it's just a plain ol' boring game.... that I spent money on. And when I come across these games, I play the shit ouyt of them just to feel like the money I spent was justified

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  • I get the distinct impression that I played a very different AC II than everyone else. My reason for believing this is that the game I played wasn't very good, yet people are swearing up and down how great it is. The controls still suck, combat isn't fun and there was nothing I found to be the slightest bit interesting in the story. But the achievements looked easy, so I played it until I got them all. Now I never want this game near me again.

  • I absolutely adored the first game, and this was the game that I was most looking forward too from the Sept. 08 releases. When I threw it into my Xbox, I was horrified to discover that the magic was gone. So I let it sit on my shelf for months before trading it in. A couple of weeks later I re-buy it in some fancy controller plus 2 games package. So I give it another go. When it was all said and done, I put in over 90 hours and got all 841 in game awards. I'm still waiting on my Special Pinata from Rare

  • I bought this not knowing anything about it. On the day of release too. I was really bored, and figured that this was probably just a barebones TPS I could finish off quickly and move on. Oh how wrong I was. This game would have been completely fine as a downloadable game (hell there's even a few design elements that are similar to Shadow Complex) but as a full retail its terrible. So I played through every level at least twice to get all the collectibles and save all the Joes. And I didn't die once, because you can't because this game is retarded

  • This is the game that made me buy a PS2. I was all set to play this on the PS1, but some guy somewhere on the internet gave the PS2 version a perfect 10. I loved THPS 2, and this was going to be even better! It wasn't bad by any means but the magic was gone. Oh sure I completed the game to 100% (as far as I could tell without the gap checklist anyway) but I still felt empty

  • Oh you got me again, fucker. Did I mention I loved THPS 2?

  • FF VI is in a tie for my favourite game of all time with MK II. When I first started seeing commercials for FF VII, I was almost shitting my pants. Then I played it. I thought the first part of the game in the city (Shinra? Midgard? who cares) was excellent. And then they left the city, and so did my interest. People love this game for some reason. And A few years later, doubting my original opinion, I attempted to love this game myself. Another 40 hours wasted. About 90 between the two playthroughs

  • I hate this game. I've played through it 3 times.

    The second time was because in my first playthrough, things grinded to a halt once I got to the fourth disc. Why? Because I didnt understand the levelling system, and because up until that point I was 100% dependent on the summons, because the characters were useless. If there had been a tutorial I might have seen my errors on the first run (which I admit were really dumb on my part).

    As for the third playthrough, I'm still not sure. I did beat Bahamut and Omega Weapon though. I don't know what you get for that

  • This is pre-emptive, as I've only got about 8 hours into this, but I'm not feeling it at all. I'm skipping through the cutscenes, and the combat is a mess that I can't figure out. I'm sure if I really cared I would learn the inner-workings of it, but for the time being I'm just going to cruise through on casual, try to bang some people, and then move to something I may find fun.

  • 3 times I played through this game. I only got mild enjoyment out of the first playthrough, yet for some reason I kept going back. Ultimately this was similar to AC II where I was really disappointed, but the achievements (well trophies for this one) were really easy. And it made me not want to play GoW III either