GOTY 2012

List items

  • Hotline god damn Miami. What a refreshing take on the standard violent overhead genre. Just fast and tight, and with an encouragement on the player dying so that faster paths through levels while stringing together combos could be discovered. Not to mention the very interesting story (if the player bothers to dig deep enough)and rewarding challenge. Hell of a game.

  • Any game that makes me cry is basically an automatic addition. Clementine was basically my favorite character since Alyx Vance was introduced. Couple that with the hard decisions players were forced to make and it's no question this is one of the best games of the year, if not ever.

  • Smoothest stealth game I have ever played. mingled with the art style, there was no question it was in the year's top 10.

  • Was pretty surprised by the depth of the characters and well fleshed out story. The side missions could get a little monotonous, but were easy to over look.

  • Watching Max become more and more of a piece of shit was a delightful guilty please. The only reason it's not on top is the fact that Max made it to the end alive.

  • Just an outrageous, clever (but kind of dumb), good time. Despite what I had heard from other review sources, I greatly enjoyed it.

  • 2012's 2011 GOTY. Playing through this again on PC, with all abilities maxed and unlocked COMPLETELY changed the game. It was how deus ex should feel. I am a god damn cyborg superman. I should have unlimited energy and be able to do anything at any time. Enjoyed this second play through far more than the first.

  • Always be bursting. Just an over the top adventure, more interactive more than game. Regardless, I was out of my seat more than I was in it playing, it was a hella good time.

  • Had some of the best couch co-op moments of the past decade with this game. Incredible art style, great personality, and a pretty funny story. Rayman's back bitches.

  • Another serious surprise. The casting of Jackie as a Don, and everyone referring to the darkness as "that thing you do" really give this a unique twist. Not to mention the darkness trapping Jackie in a mental institution inside of his mind. Really clever, very satisfied by the entire package.

  • Who doesn't love sniping some Nazis? The most realistic windage/distance sniping simulator, mixed with the fortification minigame of defending your location with trip mines and other traps. Also, you can kill Hitler.