The reason behind my decision to buy Black Ops.

You might think that I'd want to buy this game because I love me some quality Call of Duty campaign action. 
You might think it's because I like shooting me some Soviets/Viet Cong/Nazi zombies/whatever other enemies are in the game.  
Or maybe you think it's for the multiplayer. 
Well, if you thought any of that, you're wrong.  
It's because Zork is in the game. That's right, one of the most anticipated games of the year in 2010 has Zork in it.  
Treyarch, I love you. Please, keep up the goofy stuff for future Call of Duty games.  
Also, it allows for JFK, Tricky Dick, McNamara, and Castro (that commie pinko) to fight zombies together. Finally, tri-partisanship in zombie slaying.