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My Game of the Generation

So I'd figure I'd go ahead and make this. I went on Wikipedia and started culling together an overall list of games I thought were more than average or just "good" once I had my entire list of games spanning from 2005-2013 that fit this (around 34 or so) I started knocking the list down. At first, it was easy things like DJ Hero 2 while huge favorites of mine were easy early cuts. The further I got In I realized how hard this was going to be. Some sacrifices had to be made. (Sorry Hotline Miami)

This is the final list I've managed to assemble together. As you can see I have a pretty high affinity for Character Action games and RPG's which is essentially my entire list outside of the two Bioshock games that make appearances and GTA V which is the only open world game on the list. Without further ado.....

List items

  • I think the rest of the list was the hardest part of this honestly. This was pretty much a lock. Its not only my game of this generation its my 2nd favorite game of all time. Something about the combat system and the world Bioware built really drew me in. The seven unique origins you can play significantly change up how you view the world and leaves you plenty of reasons to play with different builds.

  • Despite having one of the craziest plot twists this generation spoiled for me and the last 3rd of the game being fairly lack-luster Bioshock is an important game. The several times I've played through It i still find new ways to approach rooms of baddies.

  • When were talking about games that are overall influence to me Metal Gear Solid is the game I bring up. I'm so emotionally invested in this dumb convoluted plot that the culmination of all my patience over the years paid off in spades with just about every loose end being tied up.

  • I just really connected with the characters in this one. I dunno aspects of this game reminded me of Final Fantasy VIII and X and I was just generally insanely hyped to finally see Final Fantasy in HD. I know it wasn't everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed the whole thing.

  • Bioshock Infinite has the distinct pleasure of being one of the handful of games where I consistently thought about the ending of the game for days after I finished playing. I can't even describe how much I enjoyed spending time with Booker and Elizabeth. I apparently unlike a ton of other people thought the combat was pretty good despite your options being a bit more limited than the original.

  • The thing that I enjoy the most in Dark Souls is playing it fresh. That first time you wander into dark areas not knowing who is around the corner. Those virgin expeditions into the labyrinths laid out by From Soft is what makes this game so damn fun. You never know if death is waiting for you around the corner. Being in an age where everything is streamlined Dark Souls choosing to make the player get better is a really welcome addition.

  • I can hear the boos now. Yeah, this is my favorite character action game of the generation and my overall 7th favorite. Yes, the combat is more accessible and easier but at the same time there is a good bit of depth under the surface. I plugged 100 hours into this thing. How'd I do that in a single player game of such limited scope? Replay the levels to goddamn death. I got good at it. Really good. My highest score I managed to post was #17 on the leader board (photo proof is in my images section somewhere) and It was amazing fun.

  • I was entirely blown away by GTA V. I gave into the hype machine because well...I was sort of bored and wanted a new thing to play at the time. What I didn't expect is how much I would end up liking the game. Rockstar's best title to date they absolutely nail everything they set out to accomplish.

  • I have not spent more time with a single other game this generation this most likely this. I've played both the vanilla and Dark Arisen versions and between playing both I've beaten the game about 5 to 6 times and have logged more or less 400 hours into this game. The hilarious part of this is I almost skipped this game if I wasn't for my friend insisting that I try the demo. Glad I did.

  • A flawlessly made spiritual successor to the DMC brand of combat by the original creator. This game defines crazy. The combat is solid the soundtrack and characters are memorable I don't think you could ask for more.