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Best of 2010

mutha3: Best of 2010 

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  • Glorious,genre defining gameplay meets batshit insanity. Bayonetta KNOWS its story is stupid as hell(a trait which I feel almost all videogames lack), and it LOVES the fact that its so goddamn crazy. The gameplay has the impressive scale of the God of War games without losing its easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay from its granddaddy(Devil May Cry). Brilliantly paced as well. My personal game of the year.

  • Before I even played it, the weird conspiracy story initially turned me off from this franchise and the repetitive nature of the first game almost ensured I'd never look at it again....but hearing the GB staff gush about Assassin's creed 2 a year ago made me give this series another chance....And I'm so glad I did. AC2 improved upon the first in nearly every way imaginable and it was hard for me to imagine the brotherhood being much better then AC2, how wrong I was! every little nagging complaint I had in AC2 has been either fixed or removed from this one. I'm even starting to get into the weird ass conspiracy story....sort of.

  • SMT returns to its root with this title,which had me worried because SMT roots are really,really smelly(read: not good). But Strange Journey takes the concepts and battle systems from the SMT of old and streamlines them, not only that, but the classic oppressive atmosphere I felt was missing in the Persona titles is back here in full force.In fact, Strange Journey might actually be the most atmospheric Shin Megami Tensei there is. And seeing how its one of the series' strong points.....that's quite an accomplishment.

  • Although not my personal favorite, this is probably the actual best game of 2010. The level design, control scheme, music is all top notch. There's not much to say, really. BREAKING NEWS: Nintendo makes amazing games.

  • i fucking hate this game

  • This game was a bit of a mixed bag. In some ways its significantly worse then the first VC, but in others its infinitly better. So while playing it I was kinda caught in between loving and hating this game. But now that I look back at it, and recall some of the amazing maps in this game, the great gameplay overhauls and the sheer amount of content... who cares that character designs are horrible? the story sucks and is way to anime? Psssshaaawww the first one was terrible as well and super anime to boot. It had a beach episode for christ's sake!

  • Kojima broke my heart with the monstrosity that is MGS4. Especially when you consider it came after the best game in the series(MGS3), but it seems Kojima's realized just what he's done to the series with MGS4 and Portable ops. We're back in time loooonnnng before any of the nanomachine bullshit and before Kojima felt the need to connect or cameo every single character with the rest of the series. We've got a cast of all new characters, a self-contained story, an emphasis on sneaking instead of shooting and the shortest total cutscene time in the entire franchise.

  • First, because I know some forum buttmonkey is already writing me an angry PM, fuck the Endurance Run. Now that I've got that out of the way: The gameplay in DP might not be the most sound, and it sorta looks terrible, but it does something games really almost never manage to do: tell a halfway decent story with some likeable characters. The game also manages to be funny and occasionally(if you squint hard enough and know were to look) fun to play.

    A special mention for York, who is probably one of the best characters in all of gaming.

  • Did some really cool new things with the Ace Attorney formula. The clever writing, while not up to par with the first game, is still present and the overaching plot is probably the most coherent of the bunch. Some AA fans hate this game, but I dunno. I thought the final cross-examination was tense!

  • The PSP port of this DS classic has been handled masterfully. Not only with its improved music and its sharper graphics, but also aided by the fact that the game is somehow playable without the precise stylus. Even more mindblowing: they made it work with the shitty PSP analog nub. This is easily one of the most creative games I have ever played, its an unholy union of two genres which were never meant to be put together: Strategy RPG's and EFFIN BULLET HELL SHOOTERS. Truly the work of the devil.