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Najaf: Favorites

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  • Unforgettable.

  • This is my deserted island game. Endless depth and endless re-playability.

  • By far, my favorite RPG to date.

  • A touching story found in the most unlikely of packages. Digital: A Love Story is among the best game experiences I have ever had the pleasure of being introduced to. Thanks Gary.

  • Wind up ducks; that is all.

  • This game is an instant favorite of mine. Trials HD is the best XBLA title on the marketplace. It is also the first game I introduced to my 3 year old. He loves it, and can get half way through the medium tracks unassisted.

  • Only in RPGs have I felt so connected to the protagonist. This is an amazing experience and has one of the richest worlds I've played.

  • One of my favorite games of the last generation of consoles.

  • This is one of my dream games come true.

  • One of the most solid handling first person shooters in existence. It might not have done [it] first, but it put forth the complete package while others laid the ground work to make it possible.

  • I have spent many hours exploring this fascinating world.

  • This is probably my favorite platformer of all time. I really enjoyed the style and humor of the first entry.

  • This game is such a gem. I loved the "choose your own adventure" style of play that encouraged so many plays. This is probably my favorite game featuring samurai; and I love samurai games.