Games Beat In 2010

Ongoing until the end of the year!

List items

  • Such a great game. Wish I had the stomach and time to go through it a second time. I will eventually.

  • Short, fun game. Enjoyable. Never got to play multiplayer.

  • A narrative-driven game where I actually gave a damn about the plot? Awesome. The unreliable narrator bits were interesting, to say the least.

  • Yo, this is a Remedy game. I heard you like Max Payne. Fun game, wished I had played it on PC.

  • Twist ending! Zap! I played a good guy. Can't wait for Infamous 2.

  • Played through this and most of the DLC. Playing this after the DLC comes out makes the decision at the end kind of obvious, though.

  • I really enjoyed this game - I picked it up on a Steam Sale. If they just fix the quirky aspects of the game in the sequel, it should be quite enjoyable.

  • The dialog system in this game easily beats Mass Effect 2. It really did something unique, and I hope other games steal this system.

  • Played through this co-op with a buddy. That game has some broken-ass multiplayer on PC, but we managed to get it working. Short campaign, but fun. I died a lot.

  • This game reminded me that at one point in time in my life, I enjoyed RTS games. The single player campaign was just enough for me to really enjoy myself on Normal. I might have hated myself a little more if I played it on Hard.

  • Finally made my way through this game, after putting it off for so long. The twist is more significant than the ending, but it is still a great experience overall. Wrench Jockey.

  • Oh, console shooters. I hate them. I want a keyboard and mouse. However, Halo is kind of fun, even though I suck it at. Managed to slog my way through Heroic on this game by my lonesome. It's the first Halo game I've beaten since the first one. It's not a bad game, it's just not my speed, personally.

  • Pretty fun single player. While I enjoyed the fact that it was set in a different era, I would have like a little less Vietnam in it. There's something about games set in that era that I don't enjoy playing as a game. Super high production values, though. The multiplayer is still straight up broken on PC, though from what I've forced myself to play, it's fun, and they need to frickin' fix it.

  • This game is hard. There is no way in hell I was going to go for all of the optional achievements, those were just TOO ridiculous. It's fun, though. A quick game, but satisfying.