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Weasel's Anticipated Games of 2018

Video games were great in 2017, and could be awesome in 2018 as well.

Every year, I pay attention to video game news and events to try and see what new games sound fun and interesting. Most of them end up being a major disappointment compared to my seemingly ever rising standards that I am holding to video games, and others surprise me by being something I never would have expected I would have liked as much. As we arrive at the end of 2017, we've heard of a handful of announcements of what is to come, and I've come up with a list of games that seem like they could be great for me in 2018. Its always interesting to revisit these types of lists and see how they actually turned out, so I'll see you again at the end of 2018 to find out if these games were actually any good or not.

This list is unordered.

List items

  • Valkyria Chronicles was one of my favorite styled games when it came out. The combat system was unique and fun, the story was alright, and the game just looked darn good. Unfortunately, it was a bit too imbalanced for me, and I fell off of it when I couldn't get past a few really tough fights. That said, I'm still interested to see how Valkyria Chronicles 4 turns out, as they return to the roots with a similar art style and battle system. I might wait on it a little, but I'll definitely check this game out eventually.

  • I absolutely love what WarGroove is trying to make. There hasn't been a fun Advance Wars like game in quite some time, even though one just came out (the 3D nature of it turns me off). The developers of WarGroove however are trying to bring back that Advance Wars feeling, but with a more Fire Emblem unit style. With the additions of a map editor and the like, I think this is a game which I'll spend some time in once it comes out.

  • Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Destiny in any way, but this game looks gorgeous. While it is unknown how its development is going based on how the developer is doing, I am interested to see what comes of this game. It may finally get me to play a squad-based first-person shooter, but I'm not holding my breath. Still, I'd like to be optimistic, hence why this game has made it onto my list.

  • Dota card game. Enough said.

  • I am terrible at fighting games. I have no skill at them, and I don't have a fight stick. But, I can't deny that I was once a fan of Dragon Ball Z back in the day, and with the roots of the developer being so good (and damn, this game looks pretty), I feel like I might want to give this game a shot. Similar to every game on this list, I'm holding my full opinion until the game is out, but I'm keeping an eye on this one for sure.

  • Its been a while since I haven't bought a main numbered Dynasty Warriors game. Most people make fun of me for liking this series, but I have put so many hours into these games that its ridiculous. Dynasty Warriors 9 seems even more awesome, with an open world now being developed for it. This is probably one of the few games on this list that I am guaranteed to buy when it comes out, unless for some reason it turns out to be an unoptimized pile of junk (which is totally possible given their PC port track record).

  • I have no idea why I've put this on my list, but, I was once a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, before they decided to take it so far off the rails that even the best of fans couldn't tell you what's happening in the story now. If I didn't have a PlayStation 4, this game probably wouldn't even be a blip on my radar, but now that I do, I'm very curious to see if this game holds any water in the video game landscape of 2018 (if it even releases in 2018).

  • I've never played a main Monster Hunter game before, because it really hasn't come to any full systems before, but I'd bet that a lot of people are going to come to Monster Hunter: World as their first MH game as well. I've watched a bit of the beta and it seems like the kind of game that I would enjoy playing. Unfortunately, I want to play this game on the PC, so I'll have to wait a little longer than most, but this is an acceptable sacrifice for me.

  • This game appears to have dropped off of the mainstream radar from what I can tell, but I'm still interested to see how this turns out. Honestly, it seems like this game will only be fun if you have some friends to play with, which would be really unfortunate, but this is how these multiplayer focused games go. If others are playing it, I might pick it up, but for now, I'm just going to keep an eye on it.

  • I loved The Crew. When it first came out, I was super disappointed with it as the driving felt bad, but I came back to it years later and found that people still played it, so I dropped some time into it and finished the story. I don't feel like it had much staying power past that, but it was fun to drop in to the country with my friends and drive around, making mayhem as we went. I've almost completely unlocked all of the special cars you will get for completing stuff in the original The Crew, so I'll be interested to see what fun shenanigans I can get up to in The Crew 2.