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Game of the Year 2015

A great year for games when compared to last year. Sadly, many delays took some of my most anticipated games from this year to next year. I'm still catching up to some games I missed this year but for now this is my list.

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  • The Souls games are one of my favorite series in video games in a long time. Bloodborne is different from most of them as a lack of character builds and other details are different but it still has the same spirit. It still tells a mysterious story that'll have you reading fan theories and equipment for any clues to complete the story. The combat is still thrilling when facing tough enemies and monstrous bosses. You'll be begging for more as it punishes your mistakes in a world that truly captures Lovecraft's vision of horror.

  • The Witcher is back and with a full open world to lose your life in. It's crazy to see how well written every quest and side quest is in the game when most would never do such a thing. The world can be overwhelming at first but eventually you'll get used to dealing with problems as the badass known as Geralt. The combat isn't that great which made it a detraction from being my number one game this year. Still, you won't get a better open world game this year with as much depth this year.

  • I've always been a big MK fan and the latest game may be the best one in gameplay. The fights feel faster than ever with a new cast of characters that changes the MK universe in a good way. The three different styles each fighter has is ingenious as it offers more variety in matches. With a new story mode that should be the standard for fighting game stories it's no surprise that MKX is the best fighting game of the year.

  • Undertale exploded in popularity on the internet with a ferocity that I haven't seen in a while. The amount of love is much earned for this quirky tale that takes its' Earthbound inspirations and transforms it into something crazy. Add to that amazing music and a memorable tale between humans and monsters and you have a classic.

  • For all the MGSV gets wrong with the lack of story cut scenes and missing content the base gameplay is still brilliant. It's the best playing MGS game by a long shot. The game plays like a dream with tons of options to stealthily infiltrating enemy camps in a multitude of ways. This is Peace Walker's best ideas fully materialized in a 60fps beauty. There are still many problems with the story and the way Konami has treated this game after it released but I still can't fault the way it plays.

  • After exploring the worlds of Bethesda games for hundreds of hours I didn't think I'd get sucked back into one. All I really need is a map to clear with new vaults to explore and discovering other secrets the Commonwealth has to hide. Exploring the wasteland has never felt better with improved combat which doesn't need a big reliance on VATS like in previous Fallout games. That doesn't clear the big issues with the performance and myriad bugs littered in the game which ruin the whole experience. Despite glaring issues I still can't stop playing it.

  • A forgotten gem from earlier in the year which is a shame since it's great. It's a Metroid-inspired game and it shows as it takes many elements from the SNES classic. It adds new ideas to the formula which make it stand out as aits' own game.

  • Who could've thought that a soccer game would grace my list this year? All you need to do is add rocket cars and you're set. This was easily the most fun I've had in games this year as it plays great. Playing with friends made it even better.

  • Time travel has been in games for a long time but it hasn't had a use in the new adventure gaming that Telltale has recently succeeded in. While the writing and story leave much to be desired it still has heart with fascinating ideas and player choice being more prevalent in this than other games.

  • Telltale has been on a roll with many new games coming out each year. It's honestly felt like too much at time to track and see if they're any good. Tales is a traditional telltale game with a new way of storytelling with two seperate protagonists telling the tale in a duel-style way which splits choices and mechanics to two characters. It's a fresh way for Telltale and with solid writing it surprised me as a good game. I've never been a fan of the stories in Borderlands so I initially wrote it off. I'm glad to have played it anyway and liked the journey through Pandora.