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GOTY 2016

2016 was a terrible year in general, but that isn't the same for the games that were released during the year. Here's my list of my favorite games from 2016:

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  • I didn't have Overwatch on my mind during the early months of 2016. It just looked like another good Blizzard game. That all changed when I got into the open beta for the game. I immediately fell in love with every character in the game during that point. I have my favorites(My girl, D.VA), but each character felt different in a good way. After the beta I bought the game at launch and played for so long. I still play it daily in order to earn more loot boxes. I have put in more than 100 hours and I still want to keep playing it. Blizzard continues to release great content for the game which will keep me playing for a long time. That's enough from me; now it's time for me to finally earn that Mei santa costume.

  • In any other year, this game would be my easy GOTY pick. It is the complete package in this list, as it has both amazing single player and multiplayer. The campaign was a surprise as it used inventive mechanics to keep it interesting. The general feel of your pilot is what makes it different from every other shooter out there. Rocket sliding, jet pack jumps, and everything else your pilot does simply feels right. The multiplayer is the real reason as to why I love it so much. Not only is the gameplay loop great, but the happy hour system is a brilliant way to keep you playing daily. The new titans are a much needed addition to keep combat fresh. Every moment in the game makes you feel like an action star and I can't wait to keep playing.

  • Like with TF2, in any other year, DOOM would be an easy pick for GOTY. My expectations were low for this game as I didn't enjoy RAGE. Once it released to glowing reviews did my interest in the game increase. Everything about the campaign is pure chaos. To the way Doomguy reacts to the world is my exact feeling toward these demons. The action is best described as a shooting puzzle with the gameplay loop feeling like combat chess. Every combat encounter leaves you surviving against hordes of classic DOOM demons. I love everything about the game, including the soundtrack which fits the metal tone of the game well.

  • I just beat this game yesterday, and it really did leave a high impression on me. The look of the world truly captured me with the ambient sounds of Disaster Piece making me forget about the world around me. The combat loop is simply amazing with many different ways to defeat a wide array of enemies. It truly feels like a modern Zelda with the amount of secrets waiting for you to find. I love how the game doesn't hold your hand with how brutal the difficulty can be at times. The small amount of story captured me with how weak your character feels with his sick body. Everything about the game oozes a style that I absolutely love. I'm glad I got to beat this game so close to the end of the year.


    Superhot oozes style with the way the game looks. It has such a confident swagger for everything that it does. Sadly, by the end it feels like the game is just starting to open up with an intense final encounter that left me wanting more. It's far too short which was disappointing, but the game in general is brilliant. It really is one of the most innovative shooters in years.

  • I'm not sure if a remake of an old game can count for this kind of list, but I just had to include it in my list. The remake completely changes the old game for the best with smart changes and additions that make it feel modern. The combat loop is was just made for me as I fought my way with a great combat system. Each new character feels different in a good way. It still has the same Vanillaware problem of repeating levels for far too long, but the story and visuals kept me going.

  • Any Dark Souls game will always be above most game during the year. The last Souls game in this universe does not disappoint as it wraps up its story that came from the past two games. The game has smart additions that were needed in the series, with new bosses that were always challenging. I still prefer Bloodborne for my souls experience, but this game was still good.

  • The last game in this series is arguably the best as it has a better story than all three games combined. Naughty Dog is known for their great dialogue and this game does not tarnish that reputation. I found the story to be strong with stunning graphics that push the PS4 to its' limit. While the combat doesn't feel as great as most games, the slealth and how big it is truly makes a difference. Their were a lot of great story moments like the Elena and Drake couch scene to the more crazy moments like the truck scene. The ending was an emotional one for me as it means farewell to the Uncharted series.

  • Going back to the cyberpunk universe of Deus Ex was great as this game expands on HR's combat system. While the world isn't as great as the first game it still feels right to sneak around in this world. I'm glad I had a no death run as it made my playthrough of the game special. The story isn't that great in the grand scheme of things, but the secrets of who Adam Jensen actually is in this game surprised me.

  • I was going to put Pokemon Sun in this spot, but I had a surprising amount of fun with this monster JRPG game. The cyberpunk world of Cyber Sleuth make it stand out from Pokemon with a Persona-like world being my jam. The music and story took me by surprise as it great exceeded my expectations.