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    Hyper Light Drifter

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 31, 2016

    A 2D action-RPG inspired by A Link to the Past and Diablo developed by Heart Machine.

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    Hyper Light Drifter is a 2D action-RPG developed by Heart Machine, released on March 31, 2016. A Kickstarter campaign ran from September 12, 2013 to October 12, 2013 and was originally asking for $27,000 USD. By the end of the campaign it ended up raising $645,158 for the development of the game and was originally projected to be released in June of 2014.

    PlayStation 4 and XBox One versions were released on 26th July 2016 with Wii U and Vita ports being publicly cancelled in early September.


    The game begins with a cutscene featuring the eponymous Drifter, who is shown fighting off forces produced by the game's main antagonist, Judgement. The Drifter is plagued by some illness that causes them to cough up blood during confrontations with Judgement throughout the game. The Drifter travels through four main areas of the world, activating beacons of power in order to active the world's central elevator to reach and defeat Judgement before the illness overcomes them.


    The game is a top-down action game that occasionally makes use of Dual-Joystick Shooter/Bullet Hell genre conventions. The Drifter is equipped with a laser sword, a dash move, and a pistol. The sword and dash abilities can be upgraded with currency found hidden throughout the world, and the player can find various types of guns scattered across the four areas. With enough upgrade currency the Drifter can purchase skills that enable them to deflect bullets, or engage an endless dash combo. The Drifter can also find various outfits that enable different stat bonuses.

    The World

    The world is split into five main areas: Mountains, Lake, Crystal Forest, Barren Hills, and a Central Town that acts as the hub and contains the central elevator to Judgement. Each of the four areas contains four modules to find and a boss character who must be conquered in order to proceed to the final fight with Judgement.

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