Best of 2014

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  • I can't really pinpoint why Wolfenstein is the best game I've played this year, honestly. The shooting felt really good, which makes or breaks a quality shooter in my eyes. The story and setting were top notch, and the characters were on point. Maybe it's just been too long since I've had a shooter of this caliber.

  • Sunset Overdrive hit all my pleasure centers in a way that I haven't felt from a game since the early Tony Hawk series. The combo system was tight, the shooting was tight, the characters, story and setting were tight. Everything was tight, and it all meshed together to make the 2nd tightest game of the year for Pinmonkey 2014.

  • The added trick system didn't do much for me, but continuing to spend 4 hours trying to beat my friends score in one level of a progressively harder fifty more I have left is still incredibly rewarding. The sense of accomplishment when everything I do finally clicks and I nail it after 200 attempts is amazing, and something no other game does the same way.

  • I've liked Call of Duty from the start, and when 4 was released I dumped probably a couple hundred hours into the game's multiplayer. Since then no game in the series has kept my attention for more than a few hours, but Advanced Warfare's focus on mobility and less on killstreaks finds me coming back to it on a near daily basis.

    And hey, it's got a nice campaign with great use of the Spaceman to boot.

  • As someone who hasn't liked Call of Duty's fetish with crazier, more frequent killstreaks the past few years, Titanfall has been a breath of fresh air in it's simple and tight gameplay.

    The Titans gave me the same feeling the first time I was given an airstrike in Call of Duty 4; they can be a game changer in the right hands, but aren't unstoppable and within everyone's reach. Combined with how solid the movement and shooting are it makes for a super satisfying time, and maybe the game I enjoyed my time with the most year.

    The only knock I had against it was the lack of any real progression to leave me wanting for more variety. Titanfall seems like a great starting point for something I'm probably going to have at the top of this list in a couple years.

  • The PC version of Rising came out in 2014, and that's when I played it.

    Rising is a Platinum game from top to bottom from it's absurdity right down to the terrible yet amazing anime style Metal Core music that fits the tone of the game perfectly and really gets me into the idea of slicing some guy into a billion pieces.

    The combat has the most amazingly simplistic flow to it that was super rewarding and never made me feel cheated by the game. The story wasn't all that great, but I really liked the characters with some of them having some decent depth that's only alluded to outside of the DLC. BLADE WOLF BEST CHARACTER 2013 RETROACTIVE.

  • There's not a lot to be said about this. It's more Dark Souls, but missing that "I don't know what" the first game had. Hey, it's still really, really good if you're the kind of crazy person that likes Dark Souls like I am, but maybe if you aren't you can still like this even a little bit. Maybe.

  • I stopped watching South Park like 11 years ago, but I've caught an episode or two here or there over the years and it's still consistently a quality program. That's said because this is basically a 5 hour special of a South Park episode of the television, except I sometimes get to play a JRPG for a minute.


  • Sniper Elite 3 fixes a lot of the problems I had with 2 by being a middle ground for the first two games in the series. It leaves in the more streamlined, modernized gameplay of 2 while once again letting you have some freedom and stealth in how you go about shooting Nazis in the balls from long range as in the first Sniper Elite.

    The rest of the world moved on, but I still really like stealth and World War 2 games. A lot... but maybe only #9 a lot.

  • Destiny is a really weird game for me to talk about. I picked up what they were putting down before release and got what I was expecting: 1st person Diablo but a little more like your typical MMO. That's something a lot of people have been complaining about, but I don't think that's the problem I have with this game.

    Sure in Diablo I have to run the same levels over again, but there are about 5-6 of them, they take around 2-4 hours each, and the layout of the levels change. In Destiny I have a choice of 4 levels that take me about 20 minutes to complete and I'm expected to replay them about 100 times each AND THEY NEVER CHANGE.

    Destiny's system is a double edged sword of why I fucking hate it, but I still love it enough to not leave it out of this list even though I think it's terrible. I LOVE the idea of a game where I keep replaying the same content over to get more stuff, but there's just not even close to the amount of content needed for it to be a viable system.

    The thing that frustrates me so much about Destiny is they came so close to making the perfect game, but couldn't stick the landing and fucked it all up. With the new DLC they're getting closer, but still aren't there. I hope that in a couple years I'll have this at the top of my list where I want it, and not at the bottom, beating out games that probably deserved the spot more(Mordor)