Top Seven WRPGs

A lot of people will rage at the lack of Baldur's Gate, Fallout and Fable!
But seriously, with each his own.

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  • This game was so far ahead of its time, it's unbelievable to think RPG developers like BioWare are tapping into the same level of immersion, just now.

    One particular trait about Gothic (and most European RPGs I suppose), is that the world feels alive and real. There's booze and whores. Lots of booze, too.

    Admittedly the game play was a bit choppy, but the storyline, characters, open environment -- more or less everything else makes up for that one issue.

  • Brilliant everything AND it's Star Wars. There's nothing really bad I have to say about this game, save for minor irrelevant issues.

  • Troika, sadly passed away after making this game. It's a real shame, as it's one of the few RPGs that breaks out of the fantasy mold, and actually delivers some cool stuff.

    The world is immersive, with some neat characters and witty writing. The environments are enjoyable to explore, and vary from bars set in abandoned cathedrals to insane asylums.

    I should also add, this game is fucking sexy. And it manages to do that in a way that fits with its setting, rather than the awkward cleavage you get in most Japanese games.

  • Finally a game where the main character is memorable and strays from the typical short haired nonsense.

    The only unpleasant thing about The Witcher is its crafting system. You're pretty dependent on it if you're playing the game at a higher difficulty, and frankly, it feels like you're working your Herbalism and Alchemy skills in WoW.

    Beyond that, an interesting game with a very memorable setting and feel.

  • Gothic II is not Gothic I, obviously. The feel of the game shifts a bit on a personal level, but I won't spoil any of that.

    Overall: A worthy successor to one of the greatest games ever made.

  • Now, I'm sure there is a horde of people that would put Mass Effect as their #1, but I personally thought the game could have been significantly better -- in ways even a retard could notice.

    Exploring dull planets is no fun, and the lack of interesting side missions found in other BioWare games, makes the world feel pretty bland and the game straightforward. There's not really any sense of urgency either, despite the fact that you're on a race to save the galaxy -- considering you're supposed to inspect planets for minerals instead.

    But no doubt, it definitely has a fun game play, cool characters and a memorable and unique setting. And like most BioWare games, some interesting choices that make the game worth replaying several times.

  • Oblivion...

    Oblivion is a very interesting game. One second you're in complete joy, gazing at the ginormous world around you -- the second you're cringing at the horrible characters, poor voice acting and typical fantasy writing. I'm serious, the characters models in Oblivion (and Fallout 3) are some of the ugliest things I've ever seen.

    There's not much story in this game -- not anything good, at least. There's only one segment of the game that feels intriguing, and that's mostly because of the way it's told and the environments it takes place in, rather than the writing or story itself.

    So yeah, if we take the console version, I wouldn't even put Oblivion up here at all, as vanilla Morrowind is a far superior game. However, there are a ton of mods for the PC version, which are not only fun -- but you often find gorgeous creations done by the community. So in a sense, I'll have to say that it's graphics and community content that has always defined TES for me, and I have no doubt the next iteration will probably take this one's place in a top.