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Resident Evil... two!

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Best of 2010

ptys: Best of 2010 
Keep in mind that these are pretty much all the new releases I picked up this year. I'm very conscious of not buying games I won't love!

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  • Favourite game of all time! I believe part of the enjoyment comes from playing the right Shepard.

  • Still only half way through, which is a shame because I've spent like 40 hours on this game already. Awesome!

  • Believe me, I'm as shocked as you! (That one person who accidentally stumbled across this list). There is something about this world and some of the characters which made it hard not to finish. Great music and visuals helped disguise it's many, many flaws. Imagine if they actually made a good RPG!!

  • New game, still getting my sea legs but see what all the fuss is about.

  • I'm big on survival horror, this game delivered. Perhaps the action could have had more variety.

  • Great shooter! Wouldn't sell my copy of 'Killzone 2' to keep it, but great shooter.

  • I think 'Red Dead' killed my joy of open world, just can't get into it... yet.

  • Interesting story and style although a bit cliche in parts and found the controls not open enough.

  • Only just started playing, but it's scratching that itch.

  • Just started playing, was going to pick 'Limbo' but I'll allow my love for the series to put this one ahead.