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Resident Evil... two!

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Need To Finish | 2013

As you get older the time you have to finish the games you buy whilst keeping up with all the other stuff coming out diminishes. Here are the games I own and need to play listed in order of completion.

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  • PS3 | The sad part is that this was a game I was determined to get into, but the game just wasn't having a bar of it. Fifteen hours in, with the majority spent on the first boss is pretty abysmal.

  • PS3 | I really gave this a good go, but it frustrated the hell out of me. Waiting for that second wind.

  • PS3 | It hooked me. But then I just got hit with a ton of things to do and the fact that some people have put over a hundred hours in kinda scares me into not wanting to lose that much time.

  • Xbox 360 | Was enjoying this then heard from Ryan how long and repetitive it gets. As that started to happen I lost interest. About a third of the way through?

  • Xbox 360 | Was looking forward to this one for ages and when it finally came, felt a bit underwhelmed. Heard good things though so when I get the chance I'll try my best to see the the story.

  • Xbox 360 | Lots more practice need before going online and winning some matches, maybe this year?

  • PS3 | Started and loved but once you get about four missions in, becomes more of the same. It's strange I'm yet to finish a Rockstar game.

  • PS3 | Loved the game a lot, my problem with the open world games is that I spend too much time gawking at the scenery and exploring and not enough time playing the game itself.

  • Xbox 360 | This is a victim of just too many releases coming out at once. Played maybe an hour, it's fun.

  • PS3 | I think I'm close to the end. I enjoyed it but not a whole lot to relate to in terms of characters and story.

  • PS3 | Played about a third again. Same problem as L.A. Noire, I think the open world get s a bit repetitive for me.

  • Xbox | Can't help but think I'd play these games if only they were more accessible, maybe on a hand-held?

  • Xbox 360 | I made it over the Brooklyn Bridge? Played one mission then that is it since 2008.

  • PS3 | Damn these games that give me too much freedom! Just need to sit down and play the main missions... but then that defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

  • Xbox | It's a bit old now, but the fact I never played more than half an hour makes me want to at least play to get my money's worth.