Android Sucks

*these are my views and not my employer's *

I hate android.

Seriously can google make it any more fucking difficult to develop for. There are thousands of different devices out there, all with different hardware specs and different GPUs. It so we release our newest game ( hur dur look at my wiki and take a guess ) on all mobile and ios has been fantastic. Very few bug reports. Android however nothing but 2 star reviews on amazon. And it really sucks because there is not much I can do about it. Google play forces your app to be 50mb that then has a data zip it unpacks. Our game is 400mb, even some new 2013 phones are having a hard time unpacking that at runtime. Amazon is better since it is all packed into one apk but most people are buying from the play store. on top of that some people's saves are being corrupted do to mem issues on some phones. Ug I can't test on all these phones. I have a tablet and a phone I have been testing on with a few others I have borrowed. This has been a nightmare and the worst part is I am not sure if there is anything I can do.

I really shit on apple since I think their company and their policies are shit but for ipads and iphones its amazon. their hardware is standardize and I know if I can get it to work on 3gs and ipad2 it will work for all the other ones fine.

end rant.