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My Trip to Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy Seattle

I was going to have a really long blog post about my trip to Seattle to see this, but I decided pictures are better. These pictures were taken with my camera on my phone, so they aren't that great.

When I first arrived in Washington, I took a picture of this:

After that, we stayed in a hotel (Red Lion, in Bellevue, horrible hotel) the night before the show. The next day, we went to Denny's for breakfast, and outside I noticed something across the freeway:

No Caption Provided
You may not be able to tell, but that building says "Microsoft". I just thought it would be interesting to see. Anyway, after that we decided to go to the Seattle Aquarium for a bit. Got to see some fish and Otters. I had some pictures of them, but I decided the quality wasn't good enough, instead, there's this:

No Caption Provided

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After that, we went to the Space Needle (Of course!). We watched an IMAX show on Louis & Clark. Anyway, here's the Space Needle:

No Caption Provided

After all that, we went to Distant Worlds. I'm sorry, but I only took two pictures while I was there since I was too busy enjoying the music. The second picture has Nobuo Uematsu in it, but because of how quickly I took the picture he is really bright (I didn't lower the exposure on the camera). Here they are, though, for what they're worth:

No Caption Provided

No Caption Provided

I have to say, I had a great time, and the music was definitely awesome (as well as the accompanying videos that went with it). I may have more pictures and a video of the show later on, but that will be in a few days when I get around to checking. I highly recommend going, and for those of you who are thinking about it: DO IT! You will not regret it.

Now, some miscellanious pictures from the drive home.



So, I was planning on playing some of my old PS1 games again, but I wasn't sure where my saves were on my 24-in-1 memory card. So, as I went through all 24 memory cards, writing everything down in a spreadsheet, I got hit with quite a bit of nostalgia as I saw saves for games I had completely forgotten about (as well as a creepy corrupted save with a skull on it). Here's the saves I found (and the creepy skull).

Feel free to share any stories of your own or maybe look through your old saves on your PS1/N64 if you want.

(Click here for HTML version) (Click here for larger version)

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A Look Back at 2008

Now that 2008 is gone I think it's time I do my own blog about what went on my gaming world in that year. I played way too many games this year to declare any "Game of the Year", so I won't.

First I would like to say that I managed to achieve the grand goal of owning more than 200 games this year. I currently have 204 games accounted for. I may have some more lying around that I haven't added to my list, but I'd say I have just about all of them counted. Hurray for me.

So, on with it then.

I had a huge post here where I picked out some games I played this year and said some stuff, but I got tired of doing that. I was running out of things to say. So, since this is my blog, I'll do it how I want and I'm just going to list out all the games I bought (With the exception of Metroid Prime 3, which I had bought a long time ago but only played this year.) this year and I'm going to give this a rating out of five. This probably isn't a complete list of all of the games I bought this year (since I bought so many), but it's most of them.

PC X360 Nintendo PS
Samurai Warriors 2 – 4 Crackdown – 3 Metroid Prime 3 – 5 Bard's Tale – 2
Warriors Orochi – 4 Dynasty Warriors 6 – 5 Paper Mario – 4 Suikoden I – 5
Call of Duty: WaW – 4 Warriors Orochi 2 – 4 Mega Man 9 – 3 Urban Chaos: RR – 4
Dead Space – 4 The Last Remnant –3 Ninja Gaiden – 4 Final Fantasy XII – 3
Fallout 3 – 5 Grand Theft Auto IV – 4 SF2T Hyper Fighting – 3 Street Fighter Alpha 1 – 3
Mount & Blade – 3 Mirrors Edge – 3 Super Metroid – 3 Final Fantasy VII: CC – 4
Prince of Persia – 4 Fable II – 4 Animal Crossing – 3
Sins of a Solar Empire – 5 Ninja Gaiden Black – 4 Tales of Symphonia – 2
The Suffering – 4 SSF2THD Remix – 4

The Witcher – 4 Uno – 2

Left 4 Dead – 5 Geometry Wars Evolved 2 – 3

ArmA – 2 Castle Crashers – 4

Dracula Origin – 4 Soul Calibur IV – 2

Far Cry 2 – 3 Ninety Nine Nights – 3

Grid – 4 Contra – 3

Loki – 3 Braid – 5

STALKER: Clear Sky – 4 Duke Nukem 3D – 2

Unreal Tournament 3 – 1 Silent Hill Homecoming – 4

There. Feel free to ask me why I rated a specific game the way I did and I'll (maybe) answer.


I've waited in line for one game only, mainly to see how many people would show up in the hole of a town I live in. I went to Wal-Mart on Halo 3 launch at midnight and I was surprised at how many people were there... all 15 of them.

So, since I stayed I grabbed the game (special edition since they asked). I think I like the behind the scenes disc more than the actual game.


Older Games Galore

Well, I've started picking up some games that I missed out on in the last generation for some reason or another. They are:

Your shield is really useful in Urban Chaos.
Your shield is really useful in Urban Chaos.
That's about it. I managed to pick up Urban Chaos for only $5 which was an awesome deal (it didn't come with the case or manual, sadly) since that game is actually really good. It's refreshing playing a game where you're a cop instead of the criminal. There should be more games like this. I'd love playing a GTA-style game where you play a normal police officer instead of a Niko-like character.

I just got Tales of Symphonia in the mail today and haven't got that far into it, but I like it so far. The only thing that annoys me at this point is the voice actress for Colette; her voice is just... wrong.
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia
Beyond that I like the story so far. At least the main character isn't as much of a wuss as the one in Tales of Destiny I. Not much to say about Destiny II and Phantasia. The voice acting in II is the most annoying yet, so much so that I had to turn them off. I have the Japanese PS1 version of Phantasia and the voices in that are great; I think Phantasia is my favorite of the early Tales. In case you're wondering, the reason I'm playing all of these Tales games is to get ready for when I grab Tales of Vesperia.
Creatures pop out to make you dead.
Creatures pop out to make you dead.

The Suffering is a lot better than I thought it would be. It's got a nice balance of action and horror. There are some annoyances (like getting stuck behind tables, for example), but it's a pretty good game over-all. I have the US Airforce sponsored version, but the ads are for the most part unobtrusive. Hey, at least I get a game for free.

That's all I really have to say. I'm replaying some other games that I just got again, like the Virtual Console version of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker which I never completed.

No More Gameplay Videos

Just as the title states. I won't be doing anymore gameplay videos (at least not as it's own blog series). It takes too much time to decide on a game to record, find the time to record it, actually record it, encode it, and then upload it. The amount of effort put into it isn't really worth it since I don't get any comments or feedback, so I just assume nobody is really watching them. Since nobody ever gave me any requests I didn't have any idea what kinds of games people may have been interested in.

So, unless I get people asking me to do it some more I won't. I may have an occasional gameplay video of something I'm interested in, but that's about it.


Gameplay Videos #3

Well, it's been a while since the last one of these. The main reason it took so long is because I was trying to decide what games I should do. I ended up picking Assassin's Creed and Mega Man X4. It was only shortly after that I realized that I had chosen another Capcom game. I honestly don't purposely do this. It's amazing how many games are developed by Capcom; it's something you don't even really notice.

Anyway, both videos are two-part. This is because I couldn't make them the quality I wanted and keep them as one long video (Viddler has a 500MB video limit.). Please remember that Viddler reencodes the videos and therefore quality is lost, but if you want to view the videos in their original quality just click on the button below the video on it's webpage at Viddler.

Assassin's Creed

The Assassin's Creed total video time is somewhere around 22 minutes. If you don't really feel like watching all of it (understandable): The first video is mostly Masyaf and the area between it and Acre, and ending shortly after entering Acre. The second video is solely Acre, which is my favorite of the three cities. I'm a big fan of gothic architecture and medieval Europe. The game is played with max settings in Dx10.

Part 1


Part 2


Mega Man X4

The Mega Man X4 total video time is about 13 minutes. Again, if you don't feel like watching all of it: The first video is mostly the opening level (If you've played a Mega Man game you know what I mean.). The second video is the level I selected to play on (something-Jungle). Some things you may notice are:
  1. I'm not that great at Mega Man
  2. The audio (specifically the music) cuts out occasionally. This is caused by the framerate dropping below 60 for a short time.
  3. I lose to the spider boss not once, but twice. I gave up after that and that's why the video ends. I hadn't played that level yet and I'm sure I should have probably played a different level first.

Part 1


Part 2


Gameplay Videos #2

I'm only going to do two videos this time around since I had such a hard time getting them up. Please feel free to request games. Remember, you can download all of these (in higher quality) by going to the original page and clicking on the download link at the bottom of the video.

The first video is going to be another Capcom game. Resident Evil 4 for the PC. I hadn't  played this in a while so I take a bit in the beginning to get reacquainted with the controls which I still fumble with throughout the video. I think I need to reprogram my controller. This video is downloadable at an amazing 300 MB.


The next video and the last one for this entry is some Earthbound, my most favorite game ever. I figured I'd keep it simple by just showing about 10 minutes of the beginning gameplay.

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