Best of 2009

raidingkvatch: Best of 2009 
Totally subjective, and obviously there are loads of great games I have not yet got round to playing which might well deserve to be on this list. Only the top 5 should really be counted as my top games of 2009 as this list actually comprises every 2009 release I purchased (I'm a pauper I buy preowned games or cheap Steam games both with almost always come from previous years), but I had ten votes to cast with this list, and my lack of funds means I only buy games I know I'll like and enjoy.

List items

  • Fantastic game that just felt right from top to bottom, the action was right, the stealth was right, the tone was right, the look was right. I can fault this game on very few points (challenge rooms were possibly a little shallow, but they don't really matter as they weren't integral). I loved getting all the Riddler stuff and am looking forward to returning to play through again on a harder difficulty when I run out of things to play.

  • HUGE time sink (which is what I want out of a game). I've played this three times back to back just to see how differently things can play out (plus I've played every origin) and am only just starting to burn out. Great story, fantastic action and really interesting new mechanic based on character interaction rather than morality.

  • Pure fun. Loved the gameplay, loved the style, interesting story (if a little weak at times). Great new IP wonderfully executed.

  • Innovative, not sure how much it qualifies as a game, but definitely a good argument for games as art.

  • This is kind of a cheat since I didn't buy this on disc, but bought the episodes when they were released as DLC, but anything that extends the awesome experience that was GTAIV deserves to be included on this list.

  • Probably not allowed this on my best of 2009, but the Special Edition was released this year and that's the first time I've played it and absolutely loved it.