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LG KS360 Review

The LG KS360 is a phone,that seems more suited towards users like myself,users that are more suited towards the keyboard and not just any ole' regular mobile

 It sure is pretty!
 It sure is pretty!
phone user!What i'm trying to say here is that the LGKS360 has a build in keyboard,which makes it AWESOME by default :P!The keyboard itself is great only problem is that if you have big hands (like a friend of mine) you will have issues using it!The keyboard even has a "Mail" button which when you press it takes you directly to the "New message" screen,and that can be pretty useful.Overall,the keyboard is great!On the front you have your d-pad,the soft keys,the pick and hang up buttons and the delete buttons.But,there is also one which has a hand pushing buttons on it! It takes you to a touch-screen mode you can only use for dialing and it sure is great!Another thing youll notice is how the screen is huge!I have only seen a bigger screen on an iPhone!The screen also happens to be HD!On the sides you have adjust volume,photgraph buttons,that Micro SD input and receiver input nothing special.On the back you have this great 2.0 mega pixel camera and above it you have the sound recorder,while next to it you have a mirror which allows you to know what is in your shot.Now that we exlpored the exterior why don't we tlak about the features a bit and wrap this review up!As i said,to dial you need a touch screen,and that is awesome but it sucks how you can only use it for dialing!The phone doesn't have a whole lot of features you won't see on anyother pohne,however the features it has does better that 98 % mobile phones on the market!It comes with 2 games and demo (grrrrr......).I will review them in depth in a separete review but now i can say to you they suck..pretty bad!Well,you also get this cool aplication that has before been exclusive to Nokia phones:eBuddy!What this allows yout to do is..err....ihave no idea!Since it barely ever works and when it does work it will disconnect in just a minute or two!So!Time to wrap this up!
Rating:4 out of 5
 Touchscreen dialing
 Touchscreen not avilable for other uses
  Awesome camera
 eBuddy sucks
  Excellent preformanse
  Awesome stereo
  Hd screen