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  • Heavy Rain was not only a great game. It also was the reason I started using Twitter (Four Days Challenge). The buildup for the game is intense. And nothing this year came close to that first playthrough. The successes, the failures, the reveal of the killer. Everything made this game one hell of a ride.

  • If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that I would enjoy playing this game, I would have laughed at you. So what if it was a remake of Silver, my favorite GBC game. That ship has came and left, I only played through the first gym of Diamond before giving up on that game. But 300 CAPTURED pokemon later, and about 100 hours later, this game has dragged me kicking and screaming back into the abyss. I am eagerly awaiting Black. Also, I love the ability to bring Haunter with me in the Pokewalker, still carry it around sometimes for no reason.

  • Easily my multiplayer game of the year. Improving on an already impressive Street Fighter IV. I don't have much to say really. This game was THE go-to game for the summer. Countless hours playing this.

  • After the wrap up of Solid Snake's story a year ago, it would be hard to top that. Peace Walker did with some very great storytelling, and of course the quote of the year. "V for Victory! Rocket Peace!"

  • The first real test of my first built gaming PC. To be honest, the main reason I picked this up was because of Ryan's recommendation, saying something along the lines of "If you can understand Advance Wars, you can get Civ V" Many sleepless nights and civilizations conquered later, I think this is my most played game all year.

  • Picked this up through the Steam sale, and was just blown away by what you could do in this game. So many hours could be spent raising up a fearless army, only to lose it all because of one failed battle. Online games were also insane. Killing someone with a jarid from the other side of the map, so good...

  • I haven't finished a Rockstar game since GTA3. I was hoping that my love for westerns would carry me through this, and that it did. Great story, great moments, and satisfying open-world gameplay. Not to mention the way it completely flips the endgame around. I really need to play Undead Nightmare though.

  • A vast improvement in story and setting over Pandora's Box. This game had a lot of great story moments. From funny (Don Paolo's story), to sad (Claire...), to just blatantly (bLaytontly?) awesome (Slot. Machine. Gun.) This game was a joy to go through, nothing too new, but a brilliant refinement.

  • Live from Fortune City! Case Zero got me hooked, but Dead Rising 2 took that hook and ran with it. So much crazy shit in this game. From the cool boss battles to the twisting and turning story. While some hated the tight timetable, I thought it made the game feel very different from others, a good thing.

  • Like Fallout 3 but better. And Fallout 3 was pretty damn good. A shame that this game really forced you to do multiple playthroughs to attempt to see everything, but going through was a wild ride. I also have to say that Benny was one of my favorite characters of the year. Damn dapper fellow he was. Best intro of the year hands down.