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Hey Duders.

Well I followed Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Alex, Kasavin and Gallup back on GS since 03 and followed Arrow Pointing Down after "it” happened.

Then the bomb dropped and I followed the goings on without becoming a user because forums did not interest me at the time.

That’s changed, I have seen a good community grow out of the ashes of "it". I also want to get a slice of pie.

Although I do not know any of them personally (and no one knows who I am) I am really proud of the guys and what they have achieved.

Now for the Bio.

As I said earlier I am twenty one, I am an Inwards supervisor at a New Zealand company called Carter Holt Harvey.

I have been three times around the world before I completed Primary school (Yanks I think that would be elementary school)

I have been playing games since Alex the kid and sonic. Through to Crash Bandicoot and snake. Through to Big Boss, Claude, Lance Vance, Cj, and Lucas Kane. Through to Drake, Sev, Cole and Niko.

I know the sting of redundancy, Betrayal, love and death. (fuckin deep, aye, aye)

I have some of the best mates a guy could ask for, and I would do anything for them.

I am a gear head, so any motor enthusiasts seek me out,(In case you are wondering, the car in my avatar is mine it's a

Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 Twin Turbo V6

) I am also a fan of comedy, so comedy fans seek me out, same with movies.

I like to have good decent discussions about nearly any topic and I hopefully gain a bit more knowledge from you guy's (and hopefully impart mine also)

Well I hope that I can make a few friends here on GB, and become a contributing member of this fine community.

My Gamer Card.

If you want to say hi just PM me I usually respond pretty quickly.