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Best of 2009

Red12b: Best of 2009 
By no means is this finished, I will Re-edit the list in the coming days.

List items

  • Although I played the first one, I never really enjoyed playing it, Ever, I got bored with it and returned it the next day, With Dirt 2, I was hooked, loved it, The menus were awesome, (Godamn pro street) the game looked fantastic, the controls were tight, The damage was wicked, the physics felt Real, I enjoyed every single part of my experience with the game, And for a Racing game to do that, without getting majorly frustrated, Is quite a feat in my opinion, Because even if you crash, or you don’t know your way around a course, That rewind feature makes you want to re-view it again, in all it’s Polygonal glory.

    Honourable Mention, Need for Speed_Shift,


    Simple, The Head movement camera, I have to say I have never felt so immersed into the role of a Race driver than I have in this game, If only everything else was just as polished, The game was Janky, Loading took far too long, especially with a mandatory install of near 5 GB's, and although it was a neat idea, the RPG style Driver Profile was more of a neat distraction and took the focus off of what could have been, They should have stuck to making the experience as polished as possible, instead they focussed on a gimmick.

    Although in saying all of that, Barrelling down the Nürburgring will never feel the same again.

  • Assassins Creed was an incredible game, Beautiful well designed and realised world, Wonderfully crafted story that intertwines through history, Fluid Puppetry Gameplay that fit in with the story making you able to nimbly free-run, climb and delivering Bone and flesh cutting executions, Un-skipable Cut-scenes, Mundane Mission types, And extremely Divisive, Assassins Creed 1 to me was an instant Classic.

    Assassins Creed Two will have to come under the banner of most improved sequel, Everything the first game did right, this does better, Everything that needed refinement, Improved beyond what I though they would be able to, Ubisoft has pulled off something incredible, An experience that will make you think about the game for weeks, The story is Magnifique, Intertwining and rearranging History in really interesting and subtle ways to tell it’s own Millennia’s old interpretation of history, Gameplay is improved from the brilliant framework that AC1 provided, Characters that are colourful, believable and ,make you care for them,

    And for a History lover like me, This game makes me all kinds of wet.

  • I'll fill this out later, Short comments

    One of the best single player experiences I have ever had.

  • Fill this out later, Just wow,

  • I'll fill this out later Short summery For a new IP and a Superhero game as well, This game is simply outstanding

  • Short summery Single player was ok, but this is the game that got me into multiplayer

  • Short summery One of the most hectic Single player experiences outside the first MW, I have never wanted to go after a Bad guy in the history of gaming, And I have never mashed the square button as hard as I did in the end game, I screamed YES!!! at the top of my lungs at 3 am,

    Multi was brilliant, Lots of fun

  • Best Superhero Game Ever!

    With the reviews to prove it, The caped crusader has never been this strong.

  • Best imagined world and for a music lover like me, Immaculate,


  • One of the best Co-Op iv'e had.