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2020 GOTY List

My fav games that came out this year that I managed to play

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  • I put a lot of importance on games that give me strong emotional responses, and this one gave me the biggest this year. Its a very beautiful game that's also fun to play, if maybe a little to long, but still i really do love this game and what it was trying to do

  • Perhaps the best playing game supergiant have made to date, they've also excelled in their writing to, i find it hard to criticize this game outside of a few minor character beats

  • If this game wasnt free to play and not a gatcha trap it might have honestly been my NO.1 game this year, I've played this game everyday since it came out, its become my game i play to relax, Its fun and easy enough to get into and i enjoy the story and characters to

  • i was worried about this game but they proved me wrong by making an exceptional game, maybe to long in parts and combat that's kinda boring unless you play on hard. but otherwise this game has left me very excited for whatever they do for part 2

  • I kinda ignored this game for ages since i thought it looked bad, but I was an idiot, I haven't had more fun this year playing something with other people than I have this game. Its just so dam fun to play and the post launch support has been great to.

  • I maybe irrationally loved persona 5 back when it came out originally, playing through this game made me realize that it really does have a lot of faults, that being said, all the new content they added for Royal is by far the best content in the entire game by far, it leaves me hopeful for whatever they do next.

  • a very short and simple game, i its very cute and fun for its length, excluding the final level which is pretty rough, but it did give us Cerberus, so how can I stay mad at it

  • a very cool game with an interesting style, I really enjoyed the story and character here, but unfortunately i found the game hurting my eyes after playing for a while, also the game is kinda to long and by putting it in a open worlds, it makes it far more tedious to do things

  • I love picross and visual novels, so this was a great combo for me, its fun and light enough to, i have great expectations for a sequel, if they do one of course

  • Its more spider-man, which is both good and bad, the swinging is still fun but I find myself burnt out on the combat and the new additions didn't do anything for me, the saving grace for me is the characters and story being told here, its all excellent