Best of 2010

It's been an odd year in gaming for me. Going off to college hasn't really let me play as many games as I'd have liked, but overall I believe that these games are the most important to have come out this year.

List items

  • Superb character development, story progression/pacing, combat, dialogue, world building... Everything about Mass Effect 2 is just right, and I honestly felt like my Shepard was a true hero for making the tough decisions thrust upon him. It's the most clearly superior sequel I've ever seen, and that gives it my number one.

  • What can I say, I love to dance! This game proves that the Kinect can move past stupid party games if a development team makes a real effort to create a fun experience.

  • How Blizzard managed to reshape almost the entirety of old WoW into something new and engaging is beyond me, but they did it. Here's hoping that they keep it up!

  • I simply ate up every single moment in this incredible story, which goes to show that Remedy still has it in them after their Max Payne era. The DLC has expanded on the fiction immensely, and I truly expect to bear witness to an epic conclusion someday...

  • I love fighting games, and this is an excellent fighting game, with dozens of characters and great online play. HADOKEN!

  • I just can't quit you, Meat Boy.

  • What can I say? Rock on.

  • More lagomorphic action than the human mind can comprehend, a truly delightful season of wisecracking perpetrated by the Freelance Police!

  • Exponentially better than the first, this game just beats you over the head with it's zany style until you learn to appreciate it. I know I certainly learned my lesson.

  • Double Fine never ceases to amaze. With quippy dialogue, a great artistic style, and fights with just the right amount of difficulty all based on the fantastic holiday premise of Halloween, Costume Quest satiated an RPG need that I didn't even know I had.

  • Oh Starcraft, why can't I learn to play you? Even though I really couldn't care less for strategy games (mostly because I suck at them), the level of craftsmanship and precision in this game, coupled with the worldwide significance of it's release, earn it an honourable spot as my eleventh game of the year. Which is really saying something for a game I can't play right.

  • Speaking of agents, the character interaction seen in Alpha Protocol is on par, if not better than Mass Effect 2's, with an added sense of immediacy appropriate to the situation. Too bad the actual gameplay is mostly mediocre, and riddled with technical difficulties and poor AI.

  • In spite of (or perhaps, thanks to) the horrible controls, dated graphics, baffling mechanics, and left-field plot, I've fallen in love with this game in no small part due to the Endurance Runs. If you can stomach a terrible game, you might just end up feeling the same way yourself. Isn't that right, Zach?