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Jesus Christ man fuck battlenet. Was going to try out the new improved diablo 3, but what a fucking mess this system is, oh well b...

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I want you to buy used ps vita games.

The other day i went into the local best buy to purchase some shiny new games for my shiny new PS Vita. Typically i prefer to purchase games digitally when available, but given the limitations of space on the expensive storage cards sony provide for the system physical copies seemed like the way to go. After some umming and aahing I walked out of the store with Wipeout 2048 and Unit 13.

It's a beautiful machine, I love the vita and the games available so far are quality.
It's a beautiful machine, I love the vita and the games available so far are quality.

Upon arriving home I discover that I have managed to pick the two games that come with online passes, presumably to hurt the evil practice of buying used games. No problem i'll just enter the code in here and....."The code you entered may not be correct or may be invalid."

It took me a google search to work out - as i had guessed that the issue lied with my PSN account being Australian and the game being purchased in the USA. Ok no problem, while I don't see the effects on the used game trade by region locking an online code, I guess i'll pony up the 15 dollars each for the downloadable online pass from the store, fair enough they got me. As an Australian i'm accustomed to the high price of trying to be someone who plays videogames. Wait a minute...according to this forum post i Googled - A US COPY OF THE GAME WILL ONLY WORK WITH A US CODE ON A US ACCOUNT. Phew that would of been another 30 dollars of free credits to Sony.

Isn't this a premium portable system? Is this not the system someone would buy if they say, spend a lot of time travelling internationally? Is there any other point to this aside from tricking the customer into giving them money?

So I just bought two brand new games with a large intent to play online that are completely useless to me.

I guess it's all my fault and I should of had the foresight to know that these two games came with online codes that are region locked right?

No wait a minute, fuck that. I researched to check vita games were not region locked before I purchased the system. Without an incredibly specific paranoia there is no fucking way I could of foresaw this. It wasn't even obvious these games came with codes.

This morning I went into the local place for trading in games (a small independent business) and sold my brand new games for what they would take them for, 12 dollars each ALL BECAUSE they came with codes to prevent the trading of used games. Naturally they wouldn't pay me any extra for the codes so I opted to keep them, and here is where you come in.

To buy used copies of Wipeout 2048 and Unit 13
To buy used copies of Wipeout 2048 and Unit 13

Ok not necessarily.

Here's the situation, I have these two online passes for the USA copies of Wipeout 2048 and Unit 13.

So if you own either of these games used or have any interest to buy a used copy I can supply you with an online pass free of charge.

You get the full game at a discount and I get the much needed satisfaction of robbing Sony of $20 after they robbed $55 off me. So PM me if you have any interest or feel free to comment below how bat shit retarded this whole situation is or how retarded I am for not using psy powers to predict this would happen.

My plan from here is to purchase a 32 gb card for $100 and purchase all my games digitally.



cant this game be made :'(
I've never been so excited and then dissapointed.
Just set it to HD and watch it, might be worth clicking through to youtube for a fullscreen. 
I would give a left testicle for this game to be made.
Edit = It just occured to me this could be regarded youtube spam, although its in the nexus forum but whatever.
So I just purchased Nexus the jupiter incident (this is the tech demo for the sequel which is apparently canned) off steam on a reccomendation in the comments of the flotilla quick look. I'm not too far into it, but so far it's pretty dam cool once it gets going. If you have any interest in space games (and i know some of you do) I would reccomend picking it up for the $9.99 asking price. Just try and overlook the silly name and kind of amateurish british cast of characters for the first few short intro missions until you get to the good stuff.


The directive.

I'm starting a new community podcast, its called "bomb should have some pants on"
The irony is   noone on the podcast is allowed to wear pants while we record.
So far we have
Me = Host 
Virago = queen
Wallacethegreat = permanent fixture
Sweep (maybe) = british
J5 = Australian correspondant (evertime we call him he pretends he is in a blizzard.)
Jim_Dandy = every week we will call jim_dandy up to report on the "play of the week". Whatever the hell that means.
Columnbreaker = Columnbreaker will make up any silence on the podcast since he clearly has no internet voice.
Masuta = Every week we will prank call him to tell him how much better our podcast is. 

I think you all remember the last time virago, sweep, wallace and i were on a podcast and it was the greatest podcast anyone has ever heard on the internet. Ok... Noone remembers that, but it was pretty great at the time. 
Stay tuned.



    <Rowr>    >
    <Rowr>    BUY NOW
    <Rowr>    OF 15 MB DOWNLOAD
    <Rowr>    ;)
    * Wallace    skips away
    <Wallace>    WOAH MINDFUCK
    <Rowr>    hey wallace
    <Rowr>    im just going to screencap this and make it the blog
    <Wallace>    yes Rowr

*mad props to Johnny5 for hosting our pilot.


Game Developer Family Tree

Someone at made this awesome, awesome chart. Full Size

No Caption Provided

All it needs is company logo's. (and apparently a few fixes and additions.)


hey all, just a couple notes about the chart:

1. it's not complete. For example, companies like Nintendo weren't included because they never really merged with / split from any other companies. They've made some acquisitions over the years - and we're hoping to address those type of issues in a future revision of the chart.

2. Consider this one version 1.0. We're going to make changes, and additions to the chart as time goes on, and re-release it periodically. We're hoping to replace the names w/ company logos, as well as flesh the chart out a bit with some of the devs we didn't add this time around. Consider it a work in progress.

What The Geek


I just wanted to share this, real blog coming soon.

Dude, the Wii Fit board is ruuuude.

Sister2 gets on Wii Fit.

"Oh hello, how are the stars tonight? It's New Years you know!"
"So how do you think Sister4 looks lately?"
Larger....Slimmer....About the same?

Sister2 = ummmm....About the same.

"Oh.....dont you think its more exciting when things change?"
"On a side note..

"I've locked access to the refrigerator..."

WAIT WUT? Man im turning this shit off.

"im sorry dave I cant let you do that...."

Every person in my family has been insulted by the machine, regardless of skill.

"O this doesnt seem to be your cup of tea. Do you often find yourself tripping over when you walk?"

If the wii fit was a person, i very likely would have punched it in its stupid face by now.

So have you guys had the pleasure of been blatantly insulted by the Wii fit board?

Do you think its necessary for it to be a complete prick?

Achievements, friend or foe?

While trying to decide whether or not i should purchase Raze Hell (a game that intrigues me) from the originals section of xbla, i realised that if the game came with any sort of achievement points, it would likely sweeten the deal enough for me to be swayed into the purchase...

...Back when the Mass Effect DLC bring down the sky was released, I found myself in a quandry. The DLC cannot be played post game and I was still not quite developed enough with my third character to take it on, I was stuck at one of the ridiculously hard and frustrating boss battles playing on the insanity difficulty. I dont even think it is actually possible to kill a Geth Colossus or whatever it is, on foot with the party I had, It just seems to regenerate faster than I could chip away at it. The problem came in deciding whether i could bring the difficulty slider down in order to advance to the DLC, therebye forfeiting 50 Achievement points I will get when finishing the game again. I still havent played the DLC I purchased...

Dude! Where's my little sister?
Dude! Where's my little sister?

...While playing Bioshock i decided to chance downloading the free content pack for the game, hoping it wouldn't force me to restart my game as it advertised. Well turns out i was able to load my save, but i came to realise there may have been an effect, as all the big daddies and little sisters for that one section seemed to have dissapeared completely from my loaded game. At this point i will likely never play through the entire game, as much as i try and persuade myself to do so...

I'm the sort of person who, if cannot play a game "right", is dissuaded from playing at all. Achievements add a whole new level to my completionist struggle. As someone who does not regularly have a lot of time to play games anymore, an achievement list can represent a daunting challenge to my sanity. Being blackmailed by an achievements list into adjusting the way you play a game can be opressive and so far i have fought valiantly against them controlling me. I refuse to study the list pre-game and submitting to altering my experience.

Of course once i get through the game and do check the achievements outstanding, the majority of the time i am not inclined to play through again for the sake of Gamerscore.

So do I hate achievement's?

NO! I love to recieve achievements and despite these situation which were harmful to my game experiences, for the most part I consider achievements a positive element to my gaming. Im sure many of you can identify with that warm feeling we get when the small bell tolls and that little bubble pops up. They are game "sweetener's", which help to provoke progression and interest in the same way in-game unlockables always have.

On some deep level they communicate to us, they represent progress and payoff for invested time and work. For some, gamerscore acts as a way to proudly express their accomplishments to their fellow gamer, and just like in every form of competition, people are willing to take questionable measures to get ahead. Others wear their gamerscore in the upmost honour, proud for the fact Avatar: The Last Airbender is absent from their list, or the fact that they have maximum achievement points per game played.

So while i struggle to keep acheivement's from controlling my experiences (thus myself), I am still able to enjoy them on what you might call a more "casual" level. But how are things going to change in the future? How much further will the concept evolve? Let's look at a few recent applications.
Dinosaurs with robotic upgrades. Thats all I needed to know.
Dinosaurs with robotic upgrades. Thats all I needed to know.

By now many of you who suscribe to Xbox Live may have downloaded the recently made available free advergame, Dash of Destruction and earned an easy 200G. The act of releasing this is confirmation that Gamerscore has been recognized as having sway in the market. Fortunately the presentation of this game is excellent in the way it doesnt take the content seriously at all, the gameplay is short and sweet, and the writing is brilliant. The points act as the primary incentive to play, and to its credit, rather than trying to cover this up the game plays into the fact. Is the content worth your time without the points? I would say yes. The game doesnt overstay its welcome making it hard to criticise it as a waste of your time, the inclusion of some local multiplayer shenanigans adds to its value. Had Live play been made available, I could see this game tripling its replay value.

Achievement unlocked : Look at this screenshot.
Achievement unlocked : Look at this screenshot.

Another recent commentary on the topic comes in the form of the flash game Achievement Unlocked.

The metagame is the game, and it's suprisingly fun. Everything you do in this game results in achievements, and the only win state seems to be getting them all. It really demonstrates the ability of the mechanic to stand on its own.

Now reading over this blog, it might start to sound a little bit silly the amount of importance people put on this simple concept. Many are of the opinion that achievements are a waste of time. But does not that same argument apply to anything we do in the grand scheme of things? Everything in humanity is controlled by the limits of a person(s) mind. Importance is a human concept, defined on a case by case basis, importance is self appointed. Thats right. WE ALL LIVE IN THE MATRIX.

So how much importance do you put on achievement's?

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