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    Raze's Hell

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 21, 2005

    A game by Majesco Entertainment in which you play as Raze, who is trying to stop the cute Kewletts from invading and 'purifying the ugly' from his land.

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    Xbox Originals

    On December 15, 2008, Raze's Hell became available on the Xbox 360's Xbox Originals service for 1200 Microsoft Points. This is one of the few original Xbox games that can run on a Xbox 360 without major problems occurring. Like any other Xbox original game, it does not have any unlockable achievements.


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    The game is played from a 3rd Person perspective. The player is able to perform melee attacks utilizing a wrist blade, which  can be combined with stealth mode in order to sneak up on enemies and dispose of them silently and instantly. Ranged attacks require ammunition, which appears in this game in the form of colored insects named Squibs. Different Squibs serve different purposes. For example, the Blaster Squibs are used as rocket launchers, whereas the Smasher Squibs can be used by Raze as shotguns. The game is extremely violent, and Kewletts, who are the main enemies, will explode in huge chunks of blood and gore after being killed. Those chunks can be absorbed by Raze in order to refill his health.   

    Unlockable Minigames

    In Raze's Hell, the player can unlock four different minigames:

    Silent But Deadly

    The player has to sneak around a Kewlett fortress utilizing stealth mode. 


    The player has to defeat waves of Kewletts. The longer you survive the higher your final score will be.  

    Country Golf & Cojones Golf

     Country Golf is a game of mini golf, whereas Cojones Golf involves an oversized golfball that has to be knocked around the course, which has 18 holes.

    Blood Rain

    One of the animals in the game, a "Shnow" has to be protected from waves of Kewletts parachuting in on your position. 


    Raze's Hell includes several multiplayer modes:


    In this mode you fight alongside a friend to defeat the Kewletts. This mode can only be played by two players.  

    Team Deathmatch

    This mode pits two teams against each other. Your objective is to kill everybody on the opposing team. 


    In this mode your objective is to kill everybody except for yourself.  

    King Of The Hill

    In this mode you have to control a hill and fend off other players who want to do the same. The player who controls the hill the longest wins. 

    Team King Of The Hill

    Two teams fight over control of a hill, and the team who controls it the longest wins. 


    In this ultra-violent version of soccer a ball made out of Kewlett skin is used. 

    Capture The Flag

    In this mode two teams try to snatch a flag from each other to bring it back to their own base in order to score points.

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