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    Naughty Bear

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jun 29, 2010

    Naughty Bear is a third-person action game about a psychotic teddy bear that preys on the innocent inhabitants of an island because he was not invited to a birthday party.

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    When the other teddies neglect to invite Naughty Bear to the big birthday party, Naughty Bear finally loses it. The game follows Naughty Bear on his mission to seek retribution through the relentless and systematic execution of every other bear on the Island of Perfection.

    Naughty Bear.
    Naughty Bear.

    The game starts off with Naughty getting ready for Daddle's party. However, the game's narrator tells Naughty that he hasn't been invited despite the fact that he's already bought a present. This sends Naughty into an infuriating rage which makes him throw the present away and grab his knife. He plows through all of Daddle's friends whom he kills in horrible ways and ultimately, makes Daddles pay.

    In the second episode, it's discovered that a politician by the name of Chubby promises to kill Naughty if he's elected. The other bears of Perfection don't seem to have a problem with that, however Naughty does. Naughty kills most of Chubby's voters before killing Chubby himself.

    In the third episode, Naughty is woken up early in the morning by a weird bird at his window. The bird seems to have a camera on its head. Naughty investigates and realizes that the Paradise Island military are using the birds to spy on him to make sure he's not doing anything naughty. Not standing this, Naughty bear kills all the birds and teaches the military a good lesson about privacy.

    In the fourth episode, Naughty Bear is once again not invited to something, this time to Nibbles' cooking lessons. As the other bears arrive and Nibbles starts catering to them, he accidentally opens the wrong cooking book, a book that when opened releases Zombears. This annoys Naughty who decides that Nibbles must be punished and among the chaos of zombies and soldiers he dishes out sweet punishment to Nibbles.

    In the fifth episode, Trembles has come back to the island as a successful oil baron. He wishes to look for oil on the island and the first place he'll be looking is where Naughty's house is. Naughty finds out that Trembles wants to wreck his house and kill him with his elite SWAT unit B.E.A.R.S. Naughty decides to kill Trembles and put a stop to his search for black gold.

    In the sixth episode, Fluffy is building a giant robot as well as a robot army. Said army is going to take over the world. To make matters worst, he's using a special type of technology that will rip the universe apart! Naughty isn't going to sit around and let this happen. He quells the robot revolution and brings a stop to Fluffy's dreams of world domination.

    The entire game is narrated by a British narrator. He speaks in very simple language, using vocabulary that one might find in a children's book, to describe Naughty Bear's violent actions.


    Gameplay requires the player to lead the single minded and sociopathic Naughty Bear on his personal quest to bring about brutal revenge against his elitist teddy neighbors.

    Naughty Bear starts each level at his shack where he must score a certain number of Naughty points to advance to the main level. Naughty points are awarded for anything and everything a player does; more points are awarded for creativity and variety . The game gives players a multiplier bar which multiplies the player's points and allows combos to be performed (the score can be multiplied up to 100). The multiplier rises when players perform feats of 'Naughtiness'. The only way to score a high score is to constantly keep the multiplier high. When players start a level, the game provides a precise set of objectives; such as 'kill all the bears in the area' or 'don't let any of them escape'. The game also gives the player random collectibles to search for (these are optional) such as presents or cursed pages. By finding and destroying these, players keep their multiplier high. Players also can pick up a freeze bonus, which freezes the multiplier, stopping it from going down for a set period of time but also boosting it.

    Naughty Bear has a life bar situated on the top left corner of the screen. Once this bar depletes or an objective is failed, it's game over. Players can replenish their health by finding cake.

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    Naughty Bear has different tools at his disposal to terrorize and kill the bears of Paradise Island. Naughty can find many weapons such as clubs, knives, and sticks. He can also shoot a gun. He has the choice between a magnum revolver or a machine gun. When aiming, the camera takes an over the shoulder view.

    Naughty can also place traps - bear traps and land mines. When a bear steps on a land mine, he also traps himself; if he takes his foot off it, it blows up.

    Naughty can also use his growl; this serves to scare the other bears, lure them into a trap, or make them run away.

    There are over 250 crimes and misdemeanors for Naughty Bear to commit on his rampage across the Island of Perfection. The naughtiness ranges from the likes of graffiti to gangland executions and includes altogether more sinister acts, such as domestic sabotage and using the desperate cries of trapped teddies to lure out the more altruistic bears, creating plenty of easy targets. The bears have can also sabotage various objects, however, this leaves them vulnerable.

    Players can also wound bears, at which point, they're unable to walk correctly; this usually happens after a trap. Players can perform Ultimate Kills on wounded bears, these differ based on the situation and the weapon used. For example, if Naughty executes an Ultimate Kill on a bear who's trying to fix a phone, Naughty will take the phone, bash the bear in the face with it, then stick the phone down its throat. Players can also perform Ultimate Scares. These work similarly to Ultimate Kills, except that the target bear must first become insane. Once a bear is insane, he'll walk around the level aimlessly with bubbles floating over his head; if one more scare is performed on this victim, they will take whichever weapon they have in their hand and kill themselves with it.

    NPCs work as a team, and each group has a leader (the one with the hat). They investigate suspicious behaviors, such as the power cutting out; they barricade themselves in; try to escape by car or by boat (both of which can be destroyed by Naughty); and can call in the cops, ninjas, or the military. They wield guns and other weapons, which they find on the ground, in the fridge, or in picnic baskets. They can fix things and run after the player. Players can set traps or use environmental methods to deal with NPCs.

    The game's HUD tells Naughty Bear where to go. The green arrow pointing from Naughty's feet indicate where his main objective is. Usually this arrow appears after having accomplished all the level's objectives, highlighting the exit. The red arrow appears when one of the other teddies is doing something (escaping, calling for help, etc.). A pop-up window will appear when an NPC is doing something important. This pop-up window will show the offending bear; if it is calling for help or escaping, a timer appears.


    By winning cups or completing levels, players can unlock costumes. These costumes have different effects on Naughty. Some just boost his statistics, like strength or speed. Others make him disguise himself as an ally, giving him more time to sabotage things. He can also disguise himself as certain characters. Some costumes come with weapons.

    List of Costumes

    • Naughty the Party Animal
    • Mayor Naughty
    • Peacekeeper Naughty
    • Cordon Bleu Naughty
    • Prospector Naughty
    • Doctor Naughty
    • Conspiracy Naughty
    • Cop Naughty
    • Adept Naughty
    • General Naughty
    • Zumbo-Jumbo Naughty
    • Tactical Naughty
    • Tech-Naughty
    • Astro-Naughty
    • Sheriff Naughty
    • Master Naughty
    • Captain Naughty
    • Zombear Naughty
    • N.O.T.Y.
    • R0B0-N4UGH7Y
    • Xnoty
    • Cop Gordon
    • Master Miyagi
    • Colonel Ketchup
    • Zombear Oodoo
    • E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney
    • R0B0-PR1M3
    • Emperor Xoon
    • Naughticorn


    Each chapter has a set number of challenges, which encourage players to replay levels multiple times.


    In this challenge, players mustn't directly harm other bears. This means that players have to use scare tactics to drive them insane and use traps. The level ends once all the bears are dead.


    Players must drive the bears insane. No bears must escape and players may only kill them once they are insane. This means that players have to resort to scare tactics and sabotage.


    Players must run around the map without being seen more than five times. This type of challenge demands stealth and quick kills.


    Players must kill all the bears without letting a single one escape.

    Speed Run

    Players must go through an entire level before time runs out.


    Players mustn't get hit once while taking out the bears.

    Different types of Bears

    The game sports a variety of bears that each have their own characteristics:

    Fluffy, Stardust, Twinkles, and Sunbeam

    These are the regular bears. They chase after the player with weapons such as clubs and ham. Players can scare them and make them go insane with relative ease; they cannot go into the forest, so they're easy to hide from. When they call for help, they call for the cops.

    Bears with Hats

    These bears usually where a party hat or a top hat. This distinguishes them from other bears. Usually these bears must be eliminated to complete a level. They usually sport guns and give out orders.

    The Fuzz

    The Fuzz.
    The Fuzz.

    The cops only appear when called upon by other bears. The cops carry guns and are lead by Gordon. Like the other bears, they can't go into the woods and they can call for reinforcements.

    Army Bears

    They're the most powerful bears, sporting automatic weapons and having greater health. They can't go through the woods, but can call in more army bears. When the Zombears attack, they're the ones who respond.

    Ninja Bears

    These bears are quick and stealthy. They run after the player with their blades, even through the woods. They often hide in closets and can call more ninja as reinforcements.


    Zombears are bears who've come back from the dead, thanks to an ancient curse found in a cook book. They attack other bears with their bone and can chase Naughty through the forest. They don't call for reinforcements, instead new Zombies spawn from the ground.


    Naughty Bear features an online multiplayer that supports up to four players. The multiplayer offers The Golden Cup Cake (King of the Hill), The Golden Ooze (Capture the Flag), and Assault the unibear statue (Search and Destroy).

    Multiplayer lets players wear all the costumes that have been unlocked in single-player. Players can also unlock badges. Badges give Naughty special abilities in multiplayer.

    List of Badges

    • The Bulky Bear Badge - 75 health.
    • The Brawny Beacer Badge - 25% to melee damage.
    • The Skilled Squirrel Badge - 25% to range damage.
    • The Miasmatic Muskrat Badge - 25% to duration of traps' effects on enemies.
    • The Brainy Bunny Badge - 25% to repair and sabotage speed.
    • The Flourishing Ferret Badge - 25% to life regeneration from cakes.
    • The Cordial Cardinal Badge - 25% to healing capabilities speed.
    • The Bountiful Buck Badge - 25% to power-ups duration.
    • The Misleading Mongoose Badge - 15% to hiding capabilities.
    • The Bold Badger Badge - 15% to blocking capabilities.
    • The Legendary Badge of Pronounced Obviousness - 25% Bonus Points but hiding capabilities disabled.
    • The Legendary Badge of the Accommodating Weaknessiveness - 50% Naughty Points but weapons damage is halved.
    • The Legendary Badge of Cheese and Moose Sausage - 50% Bonus Points but cakes make the player lose health. Also, power ups are disabled.
    • The Legendary Badge of Discombobulated Awesomeness - 75% Bonus Points but permanent spore effect.


    Naughty Bear has received mediocre or poor reviews. The Metacritic average for the game is a 42 for the PS3 and a 44 for the Xbox 360, making it one of the top 20 worst reviewed games for the PS3 and one of the top 50 worst games for the Xbox 360. Critics pointed to poor combat mechanics and the repetitive nature of the game.


    Several DLC packs have been released for the game that include new single-player content, multiplayer modes, and costumes.


    Jason Voorhees Pre-Order Bonus.
    Jason Voorhees Pre-Order Bonus.

    By Pre-ordering the game at GameStop and Game (in the UK), players received the Slasher DLC code, letting players download two exclusive costumes: Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. Both of these costumes provide significant gameplay advantages.


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