Best of 2010

RuthLoose: Best of 2010

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  • Played this one through in three days or so when it first launched. Playing through a second time and enjoying the same conversations. That doesn't happen in video games often. This is definitely Commander Shepard's finer hour.

  • Loved the anime (it is still considered anime if it is from Toronto, right?) Loved the movie. Loved the game adaptation. A bit of a grind fest, but a fantastic ode to beat-um-up games of yore.

  • The biggest Indie success story of the year outside of Minecraft, Super Meat Boy takes your concept of challenging and tosses it out of the window, shoves it into a vat of steaming hot sodium chloride and curb stomps the remains. Yet, you come back for more. This is the tutorial for video gaming.

  • This one snuck up on me on the PSN, but the Sword & Soldiers formula makes RTS playable and tolerable for me. Think of it as Odin Sphere meets Black and White.

  • The single player was kind of a bummer but this is the definitive FPS of 2010.

  • The way to release an arcade game. Would love to see Capcom release a Black Dragon cabinet release asap.

  • Pac-Man made even more enjoyable. This is the game to play drunk.

  • Forget coherency, Deadly Premonition surprises those that stick around long enough with the game Resident Evil 5 could have been - suspenseful and wacky.

  • Professor Layton meets the X-Files. The art direction for this game is beautiful and the puzzles are pretty tricky.

  • Should be on everyone's list for most distracting game of the year.