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So the quitting gaming is very much a possibility 1.26.21 Long Live Series-X

Started new job today. Seems perfect. Sister is having a baby so i'm giving her my TV and some other things off her registry. She needs media an entertainment more than ever (i'm wondering if a tv is dangerous.. sigh) and i have a new job that i need to geek out on, can geek out on, and want to for better reasons than financial compensation. I think i'll beat Streets of Rage 4 and Scott Pilgrim and mark this chapter as paused. i got a new computer from my job and i have enough old laptops and ipads lying around that i don't need a 50" screen. I can't get a ps5 or series s anyway. Ive been on this 2D machine and i've been acquiring all kinds of games. So giving my TV to my sister almost certainly solidifies the Series-S as my relapse machine. Anyway picked up Batman: Return to Arkham and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection so those will tide me over until i deliver her tv on friday more than likely.

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