Flight Sim'in with Drew,Vinny, & Dave [archives]

Flight Sim Archives

For the sake of my own amusement i've decided to archive the popular flight sim series with Drew, Vinny, & sometimes Dave. I tend to go back and watch these often so i wanted to compile them all in one easy to reach place.

IL2: Cliffs Of Dover [Justin TV]

The Impromptu QL on Justin TV and the beginning of it all... (Starts @ 1:22:00)

IL2: Cliffs Of Dover [Quick Look]

Official QL on Giant Bomb

Digital Combat Simulator: A-10C Warthog

*Extra Life 2014: Extra Footage ( Link - Starts @02:02:30 )

Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark 2

Digital Combat Simulator: UH-1H Huey

Rise Of Flight: The First Great Air War

Microsoft Flight

Wings Of Prey

Sim'in & Chili (Special guest: Logitech Flight System G940 & NaturalPoint TrackIR)

Digital Combat Simulator: P-51D Mustang

Premium members watch a sneak peek at this DCS Beta (Future Quick Look hinted at upon full release of the game)

Aerofly FS

Lunar Flight

Premium member content



Learn to fly like a pro @18:25

Kerbal Space Program

Train Simulator 2012: Trains Vs. Zombies DLC

Flying starts @33:00

As an added bonus...

...here's an archive of some other great moments in flight sim'ing.

JefMajor's "Lets Play" IL2: Sturmovik (Hardcore Career playthrough) [link to the full series here]

These are my two favorite moments from the playthrough.

No control: (Starts @ 4:40)

Engine Fire: (Starts @ 5:15)

So that's it!

If you've seen any amazing/amusing moments in flight sims, let me know.