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  • One of the most beautifully crafted and realized worlds, with a lot of attention to detail that is unmatched. Visceral, emotional and one hell of a ride, the story really keeps you coming back for more. There were alot of touching and horrible moments (not something you can usually say in the same sentence) The Last of Us is my favorite game this year. Each character is beautifully realized and the arc of their development was wonderful to watch unfold.

  • A Grand Theft Auto game where you actually like most of the missions you play and have very little frustration? With a well crafted story and characters you want to see through to the end? GTA V does what it does well. Trevor, Michael and Franklin are likeable dudes (even though Trevor is a complete fucking psychopath)GTA V kept me going where as past games I felt dragged on, this one did not.

  • The twist and turns kept me coming back and the fast paced combat was welcomed. Elizabeth was a charming character that kind of reminded me of a Disney character with her naivety of the world. As the story goes on the emotional depth and complexity develops and I really liked that.

  • One of the best reboots I can think of thats breathes fresh air into a stale franchise. Dante was always kind of a boring character to me, but this interpretation really had some more edginess that I liked.

  • The modern day stuff was really tacked on. The main story with Edward Kenway really made you feel like a pirate with excellent ship combat. AND SEA SHANTIES!

  • Another excellent reboot to a stale franchise. Well crafted and visceral. Some of the emotional stuff felt tacked on but the combat and upgrades were interesting.

  • Battlefield 4 erased my campaign progress twice so I have not completed the story, and it's really broken. That said it's probably one of the best looking games I've ever seen, and the action is really fine tuned and feels right.

  • Guacamelee was fun, challenging and great for co-op. The presentation was over the top and ridiculous and I had a blast every step of the way.

  • In progress

    UPDATE: I finally got around to finishing the game and I was really impressed with the look and atmosphere. The way the story unfolds was interesting.

  • Injustice was a really well made fighting game in an age where fighting games are few are far between. Didn't care for the Jokers portrayal but the rest of the cast did a fine job. Those stage transitions were pretty spectacular.