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Under Rated Games

Just a list of some of my favorite games that weren't appreciated at the time of release.

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  • Open, Oblivion-like world in a shooter... yeah I'm in. Absolutely gorgeous game that creates one of the more believable environments this side of Bio Shock.

  • I have a hard-on for anything turn based, but give me a game that's turn-based AND has destructible levels and I'm in love. The sequel was horrible, but the first game was bliss.

  • It's funny how many people bitch about the death of PC RPGs and yet haven't played NWN2. Yes, yes, I didn't like the first one either, but this one is awesome. More importantly, you control a full party of 4 and there's an actual reason to play a non-melee char. Great game and great story, more people should have played this.

  • I know a lot of people that liked Max Payne, but not the sequel (it generally scored lower reviews). Why? It's possibly one of the most engaging stories in a video game ever made.

  • I know I'm in the minority here, but Quake 2 is the finest game in the series. The multiplayer, while slower, was much more strategic and with mods like Q2RA2, was the pinnacle of online deathmatch.

  • This game got mostly bad reviews for it's lack of story and rushed release state. The mod community was able to patch it up pretty well and it remains the best interpretation of DnD that I've ever played.

  • As far as I'm concerned Blade Runner marked the end of the golden age of adventure gaming. It took the source material to heart and is the only license movie I can think of that has you playing through the timeline of the source material, but not as the main character. Very weird, very cool game.

  • Before rhythm mini-games became standard in almost any title, Indigo Prophecy had a game full of them, wrapped around a huge twister of a story.

  • AO had quite possibly the worst MMO launch that I can remember. The game was unplayable at release. Those that stuck with it though were treated to the first truly deep MMO. A good portion of the ideas that are common in games like WoW, started out in AO.

  • The fallout game everyone forgets about. Take the fallout theme and AP system and turn it into a pure level based TBS game and you have one of the few games I return to every year.

  • Recently started replaying this one and it's amazing how different this game is from most modern FPS games. From the setting, to the gun jams to the GPS system it's just an extremely ambitious title. I really think the Far Cry name hurt this one.

  • Yes, it's a pretty vanilla MP shooter. But it's also the most balanced class based shooter I've ever played. There, I said it. TF2 fans can kill me now.