My Community Endurance Run IX Plans!

After a year of preparation, it’s finally time to talk about what I’m doing for this year’s Community Endurance Run! This is definitely my most action-packed year yet and I’m excited to share the couch with a bunch of my friends this time. My schedule will have all of the events that will be on my stream, but I will not be driving for all of them, though I will always be on the couch.

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We’ll be kicking off the GBCER with our traditional opening show: The blindfolded gaming challenge. The way this event works is me and a few of my friends are blindfolded while one of our friends picks an obscure, competitive video game. Once the game is navigated to the versus screen, we take our blindfolds off and play to win. This year there will be a twist: the winner will get to create a “delicious” coffee blend for the blindfolded losers to drink, sight unseen. It’s like a gross Starbucks. All of the mixers will be… eclectic and the losers will have to drink it all.


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We’ll be starting off bright and early with a no hit run of Furi driven by @rothgar. He’s been playing Furi on and off for years now and for some reason he wants to wake up with one of the most potentially frustrating gaming experiences imaginable.

Immediately after Furi, I will be speed running Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color. The fastest speed run time I could find was roughly 4 hours and 20 minutes and I’m looking to shave an hour off of that time. Time to set a record!

After Magic Pengel @rothgar will be back to speed run Shadow of the Colossus. He completed a tower climb two years ago. Now he’s back for a quicker run with slightly less colossi murder.

Once @rothgar is done with Shadow of the Colossus he will FINISH HIS FUCKING PLATE and complete his Dark Souls run from last year’s GBCER. He managed to raise so much money last time that he turned on too many donation incentives to complete his run. He was playing for hours, pounding Sunny D all the way to the Four Kings when he hit the wall. Now with a year of reflection and planning he thinks he has a strategy to beat the game. Tune in and keep him honest!


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We’ll be completing an Inside Out run of Life is Strange! By Inside Out run, I mean that we will have a couch full of people role playing as the different emotions swirling inside of Max’s head. We’ll be debating all of the decisions in the game and steering Max in the “best” possible direction! You’ll be able to donate $10 to give one emotion five minutes of direct control over Max. Choose wisely!

Donation Incentives:

You can name the main character and 3 doodles that I will use in Magic Pengel. The names will go to the highest donation with a character name in the comment.

All weekend we will have a wheel of pain that we will spin for every $15 we raise during the event. The wheel will contain minor inconveniences and major pains alike. So keep the donations coming!

I’m super excited to be endurance running again and this year I know we’re going to break the $10,000 threshold!

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