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Games I played in 2011

Just a list of all the games I've played so far this year. 

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  • The first game I played in 2011. I was literally dancing my ass off at a New Years party all night. This game is a blast, it might even top Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for the best party game ever.

  • Yup.

  • I started playing this in early January. I'm late to the party but oh what a fucking sweet party.

  • Still have to wrap up Undead Nightmare and maybe some achievements.

  • This game is pretty fun. Waving the controller around and hearing cool sounds may sound super simple, and it is, but it's also really satisfying.

  • I played through Pigsy's Perfect 10 in one sitting. It was really, really superb. It plays completely differently then any part of Enslaved, but it compliments the main game really well. Providing a great background on one of the games three characters. The story is really what takes the cake though. It was really well presented through beautiful cutscenes and Richard Ridings (as Pigsy) does some of the best voice work I've ever heard. It's well paced throughout with a climatic and satisfying ending. The end is one of the best video game endings I've ever seen. The sear about of style this addon has is mind blowing. From the new art style in the cutscenes to the awesome banjo filled blues soundtrack it's absolutely bursting at the seems with flavor. When I think about it is fucking perfect. There's not one bad thing I can think of. It's long enough to feel that I've gotten more then my monies worth but short enough so that it never gets boring. It's pretty challenging near the end but it never gets too crazy. If you own a copy of Enslaved you would be a fucking lunatic not to buy this DLC! I'm serious, if you played through Enslaved and even remotely enjoyed it then you'd be a goddamn idiot not to download this. Even if you hated Enslaved you might still like this because it's so different. It's better than Enslaved anyway. Pigsy's Perfect 10 is exactly what it sounds like. A perfect 10.

  • I can't get enough of this game. The music is so good. I had it for PS3 but I bought it again on Steam. The PC version is significantly better, there are more modes and playing with a mouse feels a lot better.

  • The environments and set piece moments are absolutely amazing.

  • Tried this at a friends house. It was really fun.

  • I played this a bit to warm up for Killzone 3. I'm not sure if I want to finish it before I jump into Killzone 3. Maybe that's not such a great idea, I may get bored with it.

  • So far this game is really fun. The kills are really satisfying and it moves so damn fast. Played some co-op and it was fun. The jokes are really lame but what-eves.

  • I only played the first hour so far but it opens really well. Looks gorgeous and it plays great. The story is pretty interesting too.

  • The move is an impressive piece of tech.

  • 8 hours in. It's pretty good but I keep hearing a lot of bad things about it.

  • This game is awesome!

  • Punching dudes is fun

  • Fantastic game, my favorite of the year so far.