Top 3 games everyone should play once

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  • In the past this would of been Shadow of the Colossus. They occupy the same space for me, they both tell a timeless story (for me one is a about doing anything for love, the other is the hardships and acceptance of death) and they tell the story in such a way that gets you caught up in the experience without telling you outright the story. Seeing how a game can do this effectively is something i consider everyone should experience and that is why it made my list.

  • Now this game might not be for everyone but i think everyone should try to see what its about. A truly open-world game, you can pretty much do everything, do nothing at all, or both in a sense. The fun in this game is almost entirely up to the player's creativity and that is the best thing about the game and the reason why its on my list.

  • This third game was hard to choose. I felt like I needed a 3d platformer for some reason and i chose my favorite. Spyro had some great platforming in vivid interesting environments filled with quirky characters with great animations. This may not be the first 3d platformer but i think its the best and should be played