Best of 2010

TheGreatGuero: Best of 2010
It's that time again! Hello, and welcome to TheGreatGuero's annual forced-by-top-men-of-Giant-Bomb Best of 2010 list! I'm not kidding, these guys have my head in a vice! Yowza! With no way out of this mess, it looks like it's decision time! After very little deliberation, here is my semi-conclusive lineup of this year's best games! After such an abundance of games from last year, the truth is that most of this year was spent playing catch up! Ha, and not the red stuff in your fridge! *audience laughter* Now before I excite your socks off with my stunning collection of top of the line candidates, I have just one little disclaimer! Only 2 of these games were even played to completion! That means this list is highly speculative and may in fact be flat-out wrong! With that slight nonsense out of the way, ladies and gentlemen, let's get onto the show!

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