Games completed 2016

Don't mind this list. It's really just for the completionist, list making part of my brain. These are all just games I either finished or played enough put a pin in for the year.

List items

  • What is Firewatch? A fine little narrative focused game that ended in a kinda unsatisfying way.

  • Zombie Parkour!

  • Before the year ended, I put about 175 hours into Overwatch. I will probably put in even more time into it in 2017.

  • I was genuinely caught off guard by where this game went. The last part of the game left me confused, but in a good way.

  • It was good to see the old gang again. Yes, even you johnny locust.

  • Abigail is the best, even if she eats rocks.

  • I had a fun 20 hours with No man's sky. Can't say I ever want to load it up again though.