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GOTY 2011 - Revisited

Revisited on 01 Dec 2014 - Time now to revisit my picks for GOTY, 2011. Really there is just one addition that was criminally left off the original list: Dark Souls. Rage was removed at #8 to make way for it. As much as I liked Rage, the ending was so awful that I felt that #s9 & 10 should stay on over Rage. Skyrim remained at #4 so that meant Gears lost 2 spots. Everything else through #8 is just moved down 1 spot.


RAGE - (moved from #8) Such a great game and one of the best looking of that generation. I loved the world and the gameplay, just a shame that it had one of the most disappointing endings of all time.

Forza Motorsport 4 - FM3 is usually regarded as the best in the series and FM4 just refined it. It didn't do anything new, really, which kept it from being ranked higher. In light of the total garbage that was FM5, it would be no error to have had FM4 somewhere in the top 10 though.

List items

  • Combined with the vanilla release and a lack of big titles in the first half of the year, no game soaked up more of my time than MvC3.

    Update: Vanilla SF4 and later SSF4 may have proven to be the deeper games, withstanding the test of time. While I love playing and watching SF4, they never grabbed me and threw me back into the FGC like Marvel. There are contractual issues that prevent Capcom from updating this game, but I really wish they would find a way to revisit it.

  • NEW ENTRY - I loved watching all the videos of people trying to figure out this game when it released, and I could tell it would hit all sorts of D&D nostalgia points for me, but I just never felt like I wanted to experience that kind of frustration. When I did eventually play the game in 2013, I kicked myself for not diving in earlier. The game had largely been solved and I was able to look up things when I was stuck, but it really did not take away how incredible this game's world, lore, monsters, combat, gear, etc, etc were.

  • In my opinion, no one merges immersive, detailed worlds with solid gameplay like Valve.

  • UPDATE: No change in spot, but I did actually play through Skyrim a few months later. And boy did I play it...a lot. 120 hours later, it is easily one of the top 5 games of 2011.

    ORIGINAL POST - OK, no lie...I haven't played this yet. I am terrified of it because I know how much I will love it and neglect everything else (judging by my Oblivion and Fallout 3 this is pretty much where it will land...hey it's my list, deal with it).

  • Down 2 spots to make room for Dark Souls and to keep Skyrim at #4. Still, a great campaign, great multiplayer, and a fun universe. This game merges everything learned from the other two in a super polished, fully featured package.

  • I can't get enough of Ezio and 'parkouring' around the past. And now with refined and still unique multiplayer.

  • The single player campaign and co-op were a disappointment. But only because the hype was too much!... it was still serviceable. But this is BF and I am here for the multiplayer. Honestly, I think BC2's felt better, but I think that is more of an issue of getting used to the changes. Still, I am eagerly awaiting the release of Wake Island, and frankly, no other multiplayer FPS touches the variety that BF offers.

  • The suprise hit of 2009 is back with a new, immersive open world. I wish there had been more innovation with the actual gameplay, but this is still a whole lot MOAR of the fantastic original. I can't wait to see what else Rocksteady has in store, but hopefully they will move on from the license.

  • As part of the renaissance of fighters, MK did not capture my attention as much as Super SF4 or MvC3. However, this was still a very solid game that did one thing that no other fighter has been able to: An awesome and unique single player story mode. That alone deserves attention as a top 10 game of 2011.

  • I stayed away from the original as I did not like the 'feel' of the gameplay from the demo, and I'm also not a big fan of horror and jump scares. But, after so much buzz, I revisited the franchise in this sequel. The gameplay has been made to feel much more into a shooter and the horror was toned down. To me, that was a huge improvement which lead me to thoroughly enjoy a great campaign and universe.