GOTY 2019

List items

  • The Auto Chess mod that started it all, barring the original Pokemon-based inspiration. There are so many layers to this game mode it's crazy. It's super easy to start playing but takes a long time to master.

    With how many replicas spawned from this game it's almost as if it is this year's Fortnite, though obviously not as popular.

  • Though I really dislike all of the character designs and personalities, the shooting feels damn near perfect. The different mechanics they added, like pinging, make it really easy to play with randoms without having to rely on a mic.

  • The core of Outer Wilds is adventuring and learning and it just does that so well. The game always rewards you when you want to explore even the smallest nook or cranny.

  • So far this is probably the closest a fighting game has come to my pace. As in, super slow.

    I have also really enjoyed that when I find a ranked player at my level most of the time we just play against each other for at least half an hour thereby actually letting me learn from them and develop my own strategies. This is probably the game I'm most excited to dump time into over the next year.

  • The Outer Worlds left me conflicted by the end. I think the game is legitimately fun and the worlds and characters really grow on you as you play. But, around the three quarter mark I was feeling like mainlining the story to wrap it all up. Will I play through it again to see how else the story can go? Eh, we'll see. Maybe if there weren't so many other great games out to play.

    It's hard to say whether this is better than any Bethesda open world games but I would certainly say it's at least up there with the best of them.

  • The London Olympics game made me a sucker for these. They may be mini-game collections but the amount and variety of events generally means you can find at least one you'll enjoy. Definitely at it's best as a multiplayer game since the story is just kind of there and screaming at other people while competing is why you're there.

  • Heave Ho is the Overcooked of the year to me. Easy to pick up and play with levels that take a surprising amount of time. That also is a slight knock against the game because if you want to swap out players after a segment of levels that may take around 45 minutes. Especially if you're trying to collect all the coins in each level.

  • Remnant: From the Ashes just screams PS2 to me. Like I could see it being released at the same time as Freedom Fighters. The shooting is the highlight of the game and the lore isn't bad either. I do wish the levels were handcrafted and not generated because they do tend to feel very samey after a while.

  • Teamfight Tactics is a decent spin on Auto Chess. I liked the synergies and how kind of broken you could sometimes make your team by the end.