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Dragon Quest is pretty good.

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Game of the Year 2023

The games I played this year and how I would order them. Only including games that I played a substantial amount of. A huge chunk of my time playing games was spent on things that did not come out in 2023, and #1 on this list ate up a lot of what time remained...

List items

  • I've spent far too much time in my life trying to immerse myself into competitive team-based games when I actually just hate talking to strangers. I could have just gotten into Street Fighter and enjoyed myself.


  • They cut out the worst part of the original game with the underground chimera creep. So it's the definitive RE4 experience, as far as I'm concerned.

  • Finished both 1 and 2 as long as you consider Louie's gruesome fate, abandoned on a distant planet with no way of returning home, to be the canon ending. As you should.

  • More remakes of games I didn't play the first time around.

  • Ranking it last on here feels disingenuous because I *did* enjoy it... I just think I enjoyed it the least. Looks gorgeous, runs a bit too long, combat is the same as it ever was. Good, but I have no urge to return to it.

  • A good remake of a childhood favorite of mine. I enjoyed the small additions they made to the post-game. That said, I beat it in one sitting and forgot to include it when I originally made this list, so I don't know that I can put it higher...