The comprehensive Ranking of Fighters list.

So, I've been doing this since the soft relaunch of Ranking of Fighters earlier this year, and I think now with some minor discrepancies, I figure it's worth sharing to the world.

Here's the list, current as of episode 0021 (9/10/2018). I try to keep it accurate to the show, but it seems they've made a few mistakes, such as accidentally swapping Battle Fantasia and KOF '94, as well as Sonic the Fighters being the worst fighting game compared to Deadliest Warrior: Legends.

There's also tabs that show where the games have been standing show-by-show, as well as some interesting records. Did you know they've ranked 11 PS1 fighters, yet only one Saturn fighter?

I'm doing this also so members of the staff can see the errors in their mistakes so the next ROF episode has the correct rankings, as they should be. I mean, even Jeff had to take Sonic the Fighters out of consideration if it was better/worse than Doomsday Warrior. Someone's gotta realize something ain't right here.