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Indie Game Recs for my Seastar

Hokay kiddo, here's some of the BEST indie games (and flat-out best games in general) that you can play right now on Switch:

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  • Okay, so Bastion made it on my top 10 of the decade from 2010-2019 simply because A) it's the first game from Supergiant Games, who has become my all-time favorite game developer (even more than Nintendo!) and B) it's an awesome game on its own merits. Fun gameplay, top-notch art, music, and narration. Honestly, I'd say play this game for the narration alone.

  • Transistor is the second game Supergiant Games ever made, and it plays much differently than Bastion, but is still a linear action game. It's got some strategy game elements, but honestly has some of the best, most satisfying action moments.

    Again, unbeatable art, music, and voice acting.

  • Hollow Knight is amazing and everyone should play it.

    That's it. That's the rec.

    jk, music is AMAZING, art is beautiful, truly immersive and atmospheric game. It's $15 and I spent like 70 hours on it.

  • This is a strategy game - it's run-based and a roguelite, which means dying and failing the mission is part of the draw of the game, because every run is so vastly different. I love this game to pieces, but it does have a steeper learning curve.

  • This game is actually cut from the same cloth as Hollow Knight, but it's much shorter. The upgrade path in this game is really fun, and I just had a really good time with this one.

  • This one plays like Invisible, Inc from above, but it's with mechs and bug monsters. Extremely fun, chess-like strategy that can get really tense at times. Again, another one that is run-based, so dying is part of playing the game, but there are persistent upgrades that make it fun to play over and over.

  • This game oozes styyyyle. The soundtrack is one of the best of any game ever, the gameplay is hard as nails. It's essentially a game that pits you against boss after boss, with no real filler between.

    Did I mention it's hard? Cause it's hard. But very satisfying to complete.

  • This is one of the most fun platformers I've ever played. This is significant because I usually bounce off of side-scrolling platformers. The story is fun, characters are endearing, art and music are great, and the gameplay is notably SATISFYING.

    Also, it's another toughie, but again, satisfying.