TurboMan wants to have a skinny weiner! - Week 0

I'm Fat.

Don't believe me? Listen to what Scott Steiner says about me whenever my name is brought up:

Ever since middle school, I've continuously gained weight. Over the years, I never really considered being strict on my diet and exercising right. I was once on a path towards losing weight in high school when I was in high school wrestling mode, but after that I never went back to that mentality. Like most heavier set guys, I really didn't care to much about my weight. To me, I've felt fine about myself and I've never had any problems physically with my weight. I was confident and it didn't really seem like a big deal to me.

My friends never really mentioned it and besides the occasional jackass, nobody picked on me because of my weight. Even on Giant Bomb, I made a set of videos called "The Hamburger Review"... it was pretty good at the most part and made a few people chuckle, which is all I was trying to do. Even with all the positive responses from duders, I occasionally got somebody who heckled me for my weight.

So I was fine... until I got to College. There wasn't a big huge moment, but instead I became gradually more depressed with my look and image. I'm going to school now to become a high school teacher (in math), and I have no problem at all being in front of a group of people, but I've noticed that I don't even look at mirrors or reflections of myself now because I hate how I look, and I feel like I'm a different person inside. Over the past few weeks/month, I feel like it's became a form of depression for me. Now I'm at the point where I feel like I need to change up my life. The answer, you ask?




... Yoga?

DDP Yoga.

... What?


I've been way into wrestling again for the past year, and there's something that a ton of wrestling fans are talking about. They're talking about how incredible of a weight loss program DDP Yoga is. I laughed it off at first, but the more people are getting into it, the more serious their testimonies are becoming. That and the fact that there are a good number of wrestlers that I think the world of are strictly using DDP Yoga as their workout routine has made me serious about trying out the system. DDP might as well been considered my role model at the age of ten, so the thought of him being a yoga instructor for me sounds perfect.

So... I just received the DVD today and I'm excited for results. And I'm planning to bring the Giant Bomb Universe up to date with my (hopefully) weight loss journey. I don't plan on stopping until I can do a Handstand for ten seconds.