Completed Titles 2015

List items

  • Yes this was on the 2014 list. It still managed to soak up a ton of hours this year with the release of expansions. Namely the Taken King being amazing.

  • A solid puzzler with a spooky atmosphere. Definitely enjoyed it in between my Destiny and Fantasy Life sessions.

  • Even though I was never able to beat this game on anything other than easy I was able to make it to the final ship fight multiple times. Thing just wrecked me again, and again.

  • Wow, Level-5 great job with this one. This felt really solid to play solo or with friends. The art was great, and if you took the time to max out even just one job you would be dumping dozens of hours in the game. Really never got tired of it and often want to go back after beating the game just to grind up some of my skills and do the end game content/DLC.

  • Played and beat on the PS4. I split up my sessions quite a bit on this one and so my mental progression of the story is a bit muddled, but the story, gameplay, and graphics were all amazing. When you can't tell a cut scene has ended and put you back into the game you know you've either made a beautiful game or should have better looking cutscenes.

  • Definitely a LotR take on Assassin's Creed, but honestly that's not a bad thing. This game had just enough differences and unique things going for it, namely the Nemesis system and story. Definitely worth the play through.

  • This unexpected gem right here was a ton of fun. I only ended up getting the bad ending and decided not to grind content for the good ending. Story was hella anime, gameplay was fun and felt like Megaman X.

  • This game started off somewhat boring and I almost set it down, but came back and lo and behold it turned out better the more I played it. The addition of more skills and the seemingly infinite ways to build your character/play the game really felt good. They kept it from getting stagnant by freezing your most used skills when you would normally die. Really well balanced, interesting take on a Action-TBS game.

  • This game. This game is probably the one game on this list that I could have spent the whole year playing and not be able to beat. This being my first monster hunter, I really didn't know what to expect but I can honestly say that it was a real treat. Me and my girlfriend picked the game up and co-oped it quite a bit. Very fun to play with other players. Very hard to play by yourself, however, both are quite fun.

  • I honestly had no idea where this game was going, but man am I glad I stayed on for the whole ride. Honestly I have no idea what happened, I fought a dude on the moon, rode a unicorn, fought a train. 10/10 would recommend.

  • So with MGS V coming out I figured I should probably start playing through the series one at a time. I really hate spoilers that much, I'd rather play through the four other games then break the order and just jump straight to MGS V. In all seriousness, it blew me away how great this game was for releasing on the PSX.

  • Moving right along to MGS2. So most of the game is Raiden, that's cool I guess. It was neat seeing Snake from the outside but in all honesty I'd rather be playing as Solid Snake. Story was not as good, but definitely still had that special brand of crazy you can only get from Kojima. Oh and Rose is the worst girlfriend ever Raiden, you dun goofed on that one.

  • Bloodborne, you were the bane of my existence for a long time. I actually started this game when it released and finished it in late November. The difficulty of bosses and no maps can be as much of a turn on as it's a turn off. Still, probably one of the most satisfying games I've played, right up there with Dark Souls and Monster Hunter.

  • This game has nothing to do with cats, which personally I think is a bit silly since we get a nice kitten on the cover of the game. I knew this one was going to be good and boy oh boy if you want some puzzles this is your game. Several of these puzzles melted my brain for a while just for me to find out that I needed to just think about something slightly differently. It got a bit slow at the end, the difficulty of the puzzles increased but you can only dangle that carrot of 'wtf is this place/what's that tower/giant golden door' for so long. It felt like it needed a plot shift at about the 2/3 point that would really make you want to solve those last few hard puzzles.