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4 years...I guess it would be tedious to license 1000 cars 3

So this game has been brewing here for some ungodly number of years. I'd be fine with that if I thought that they actually used that time to work on the gameplay or the graphical prowess of the game more. But it seems their real hurdle was wrangling all the myriad of cars you theoretically can drive in this game.   Ok, let's start there, 1000 cars right? Well, sort of, the thing you have to understand about that is that when you're playing the game there's no static list for you to choose from,...

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Repetitive gameplay, Uninventive story 0

Now, the concept of Infamous never sounded all that amazing to me. A regular guy turned hero with electricity powers doesn't sound that inventive and yeah, it really isn't in this game. The point that further aggravates me is the similarity your powers have to generic shooter weapons. Sure an electricity grenade sounds like a good idea but it just cheapens your powers when you feel like your just playing a bad shooter with electricity skins on all the weapons. Maybe I'm being to demanding, why s...

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Civ rev iPhone 0

Presentation   I was satisfied by the graphics, this is not the game you come to for wow factor but it holds up respectably in the areas of visually presenting to you what is going on in the game so in that way it's good enough to pass in this area. Gameplay  The gameplay is just as it was in civ rev for ps3 and 360; and that is plodding but strategic. You will get the most enjoyment from this game by planning a long term strategy and playing accordingly there is not much strategy to be had on ...

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